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  • Jasmine’s Blog – Pray for Victoria and Cassie

    Date: 2016.01.19 | Category: Jasmine's Blog


    One time mama show me Victoria’s picture.  I see her back that looks really bad.  No one has wanted to adopt her.  Her back looks worse than mine did.  I hope somebody can adopt her so that she can get her back fixed too.  It will make her feel so much better.

    I wonder if she can’t breathe good like I could not.  I wonder how much better she would feel.  She needs a family or she might die early too.


    She just turned 13 in December.  She has one year left.  I don’t want her to turn 14 and go to a place filled with old people.  It is very hard in China.  You can not take your wheelchair anywhere.  No ramps like here in America.

    I hope someone sees her pretty face and wants to adopt her.  I hope nobody is too afraid.  I pray about her every day.  I pray that somebody will want to adopt her.

    When I was in China, I almost turn 14 and I think I will not have a family.  The nannies tell me when I turn 14 I will go some place with old people.  They tell me I won’t have a wheelchair.  They say those people will just put me on the floor and they won’t feed me.  Turning 14 when you are in a wheelchair is very scary.  The nannies tell me I would slowly die.  They tell me the people will hope I die so they don’t have to take care of me.

    I don’t want this to happen to Victoria.  Please somebody be her mama.


    One night mama tell me about a family that wants to adopt a girl named Cassie, but her agency would not let the family adopt her.  Cassie will turn 14 in July.  I feel sorry for the family and the sister who wants Cassie to be her sister.

    It is really sad that an agency won’t let her have a family.  This agency must not care because they would rather she age out then give her a good family.   I hope somebody sees her and can add her to their paperwork.  Someone could still do it but she is running out of time.

    I ask mama to go back and get her but mama doesn’t think it will work.  I wish it would.  So I really want her to get adopted. I want someone to help her with her feet.  I don’t want any more kids to go to a bad place.  I pray and pray and pray.


    Wouldn’t Cassie make a great sister?   Are you her mama?

    The other night I have a dream.  I wake up so happy.  I dream Grace, Elyse, Jessica and me go to China.  We are so excited because there are no more orphans.  We went to visit the last orphans who were getting a family.  We told them it was good.  We told them they would have food and be very happy and be loved.  It is a good.

    My dream is for a family for every child.  I hope one day that my dream comes true.   Please pray for Cassie and Victoria so they can know how good it is to be loved by a family.

  • Jasmine’s Blog – Why Mommy and Daddy Want to Adopt Me?

    Date: 2015.12.23 | Category: Jasmine's Blog

    In China people say I can not get adopted because I can not walk. But one day they told me that a family did want to adopt me. Mommy and daddy thought I had spina bifida, but the paperwork was wrong. I have something else.

    When mommy and daddy see me on adoption day they thought I had muscular dystrophy. After mommy and daddy meet me I was really worried that they would take me back to the orphanage. The nannies told that when my mommy and daddy saw me they would take me back because I can not walk. In China you have 24 hours to decide if you want to keep the kids or not.

    But mommy and daddy didn’t take me back to leave me there. They took me back to the orphanage to hand out clothes that mommy and daddy had brought for the kids. The kids were so happy when I handed out the clothes. It was so much fun!

    I come America and I have back surgery for my scoliosis. After they did a muscle biopsy, the doctors know I have spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

    When I was in China, I thought no one could love me because I couldn’t walk or do anything. But after that I tell mama and she said, “She doesn’t love me because I can do anything.” Mama said that she fell in love with me the first time she saw my face. Daddy said the same thing.

    Before they saw my face, mommy and daddy had said they would not adopt older kids. They said they wouldn’t adopt anyone over 4 because it wouldn’t work in the family. But mommy and daddy saw my face and fell in love and thought God was saying “that is your daughter”.

    Because mommy and daddy love me they adopt me, not because I can walk. They adopt me because they love me. Mommy and daddy went very far to come adopt me.

    In China, mommy and daddy take me shopping and out to eat. I didn’t talk to daddy very much because I was a little afraid. The boys I knew in China were mean. They not nice to talk to. I talk to mommy because she is so funny. I didn’t understand what Cassie and mommy were saying but they were so funny. They make me laugh because they singing songs like potty time.

    One time in China mommy and daddy dance. They so cute. I knew daddy was silly and he is ok because he dance with mama.

    I didn’t know very much English so I couldn’t understand. I learned to say and sign “eat, potty, drink, and thank you”.

    This year has been hard for me because I think mommy and daddy will leave me too. I think it would be better if everyone else hate me so my heart won’t hurt again. I try to make everyone mad. Mommy and daddy said they know I do this because I am afraid they are going to leave me so I want to leave first.

    But now I know mommy and daddy won’t leave me because I said bad things and made everyone mad but they still love me and forgive me.

    I believe I have a purpose and God has a plan for me. I don’t know what all I will do yet, but I know He has plan.

    Sometimes it is hard for me and I get jealous that my sister can walk and do things like have a boyfriend and go shopping and out to movies. But sometimes I think she has her own life and I have my own life too. Jealousy is not good though. It just makes you really, really mad. Mama say it is ok to get mad but you can’t be mean to anyone else.

    Sometimes when I hear people say something, I think people mean one thing and they didn’t really say that. I let me get really mad and I shouldn’t do that. I should ask people what they said and be sure. God doesn’t want me to get really mad and be mean. He wants me to trust.

    Sometimes if you are sad you should talk about it because that way you won’t be mad all day long. Talking to mommy and daddy helps. You can play games with your sisters or do something else to take your mind off of it. They understand.

    Everybody has problems they go through and lots of people have it worse than me. I have to see the good stuff in my life.

    The last couple months I have been really mad and thinking I shouldn’t write my blog any more. I think I don’t have anything to say. I just being mean to everyone. I am mad and sad.

    Mama says I can do whatever I want to do. I decided I want to write my blog so other people understand what it is like to be older when adopted and what it is like to not be able to move. I realized that there are lots of people who are worse off then me. They don’t have food, or a house, or a family that loves them.

    I have a power wheelchair. If my stuff breaks, mommy and daddy will fix it. Mommy and daddy came to adopt me and gave me lots of brothers and sisters. I have a silly mommy and daddy. I have lots of brothers and sisters who help me do stuff. They all take care of me because they love me.

    I know why mommy and daddy adopt me…because they LOVE me!


  • Jasmine’s Blog – We Can Adopt Again

    Date: 2015.12.03 | Category: Adoption, Jasmine's Blog

    One day mama show me and Gracie and Elyse the photo of a kid in a wheelchair.  Her name is Belinda.  She is very cute!

    She has kidney issues like Gracie has.  Her legs don’t work like Elyse’s.  She has a curve in her back like me.   We ask mama if we can adopt her but mama say no!

    Mama say we are not adopt any more. We ask mama “Why?”.  Mama say, “We have a lot of kids.”

    We keep asking mama we can adopt one more.  Just one more time! But mama say, “No!”.  Daddy say, “No!”.  I ask mama can we try adopt her please, please, please, please mama?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I say, “I don’t care if China say yes just can we try?”

    Mama said, “No.  We not adopt.  You can talk about her on your page.”  My friend, Alice’s, friend just got adopted.  Alice talk about her and I talk about her and she find her family. She almost 14 on October 14.  Mama say we can do the same for Belinda.

    One day mama show me the video about Belinda.  She is very pretty and very cute and she very pretty and she also very sad.  She want a family!!!!  🙂

    I tell mama we have to adopt her or find her family.  Mama say ok.  Later we see on Facebook that she have a family.  I say ok and Elyse say ok and Gracie just cry.  We all upset because we think that God told us she is our sister, but now another family will go get her.  Gracie cry all night and Elyse so so sad.  I am very sad too cause she is my sister.

    We are sad all day long but we try to be happy for her because she has a family.  The next day daddy say he can find who her family is so we can watch her get adopted.  That day Jan came to update our home study.  She has to do this after we are adopted for China.

    That night daddy said, “Sit down on the couch so I can show you the picture of Belinda’s family.”  Daddy showed us our family and says we are going to adopt her. He says her name is going to be Jessica.

    We are so really, really happy that we can adopt her but Elyse keep saying that daddy and mama are lying.  It take Elyse a long time to believe it but then she is so happy.

    Every day we pray that Jessica can come to America very fast because she is very sick.  We got a message that she was in the hospital for 23 days.  She is very little.  She is almost 8 and they say 24 pounds.  That is pretty little.  We want her to come see doctors and get better.  Mama try to do the paperwork really fast so mama and daddy can go get her.

    We really love our new sister.   We tell daddy one is okay.  Elyse say 3 would be good but she ok with one right now.   We adopt one more time.

  • Jasmine’s Blog – My Little Siblings

    Date: 2015.09.30 | Category: Family Life, Jasmine's Blog

    I like having little siblings.  They like running, playing and sometimes they like to watch me play the I-pad.  We like to play Mario Kart together.  They give lots of hugs and kisses.

    Ben Ben

    He really likes to play Mario Kart.   Sometimes I play with him.  He is always so happy.  I remember when I come home to America Ben Ben was very blue, but now Ben Ben is very pink.  He is all better.   He can run now, really, really fast.  I see pictures when he come home he was pretty little.   Now he is so much bigger.

    Jazz & Ben


    I like watch Max eating.  He gets so happy when he eats.  He really likes the food.  His favorite food is noodles.  He laughs so hard and he can’t stop laughing.  Max likes to pat your head and kiss your head.  He likes to follow Ben Ben around and do stuff.  He likes to run.  We have had to teach Max how to hug.  Sometimes when I hug him he gets so happy he laughs and can’t stop.   Sometimes he likes to sit on my lap and touch my hair.  Max was sad when he come home to America but he right now is not scared anymore and is a very happy boy.

    Max and Jazz


    When I come home Maisey is very little.  Maisey have very little ears.  Maisey can hear a little bit.  She like watch princesses and Barbie.  She likes to read book.  She says she going to be a librarian.  She read books all day long.  She is like Cassie.  I hear mama say Cassie read books all day when she is little.  Maisey likes to dance and run really fast.  Maisey is very quiet.  Maisey is getting to be a big girl.

    Maisey and Jazz


    I remember in China Lainey don’t stop crying and she had lots of seizures.  All day she would cry and cry.  We don’t know how to make her happy.  When we get home she get better.  Right now she is very, very happy.  Her favorite food is french fries.  She can’t eat lots of food but she really like french fries.   I like to feed Lainey her rice cereal.  Every time I feed her food she is really happy and claps her hands and signs please.



    I remember in China we got to get Evie and Lainey.  Mema let me hold Evie she was so very little.  She only weigh 13 pounds and she is 2.  She was happy.  She likes to eat rice cereal too.  I sat on the bed and fed her rice cereal.  She was a very happy little girl but she was very sick.  She was so really, really blue.  She is a very happy.


    Evie likes to ride with me on my wheelchair.  I buckle her in and go around the path.  She is not blue any more either she is not sick any more she is pink.  She likes to sing and dance.  She likes to be really silly with Eli.

    Jasmine & Evie


    When we go Eli in China he said “bu yao” all the time.  He was not happy in China but right now he is really happy.   He likes to play Mario Kart.  When Evie and Eli dance together it is really funny.  They are like twins.  Before Eli was really blue too but now he is all fixed.  He is pink too.  He is not sick anymore.  He likes to dance.  He is a very good dancer.


    I like to have little siblings.  They are really funny and cute.  I love them and they love me.

  • Jasmine’s Blog – First Time Meet Mama

    Date: 2015.08.16 | Category: Jasmine's Blog

    *Jasmine started to write this blog and it made her very sad.  She had about half of it written.  It was taking a long time to write it out so we decided to try something different.  She dictated her words to me and I typed them and then we google translated the last half and she corrected it.  


    First time I meet mama, she adopted me. She and me sat down on the couch.  She hold me.  I feel weird because I never had people hug me.  But mama hug me, I feel my heart so warm and full of love.

    We went back to the hotel.  In the hotel mama ask me I want to eat what food?  I said I want to eat KFC.  Mama go buy KFC and came back.   I eat KFC.  It is really good.  When I all done eat KFC, mama help me take a bath.

    I was scared when I meet mama. I not know if she nice or not nice.  I knew my mama was nice because in the night I ask for water and she go get it for me.  When I ask others to get me water they would yell and say you can no have water because you have to go potty.

    Mama knows how to sing.  She sing and I don’t know what she saying.  I don’t understand but I feel mama is very funny.  Sometime mama like to tickle me.  Mama she very like to sing.  Me too I like to sing too.  Mama like to dance.

    Mama and big sister had to take me to the potty.   They sing songs I don’t understand.   They be very silly.  When I all done, they yelled yay!  They make me laugh.   I never knew silly until I meet mama.

    In the night I and mama sleep together.  I very happy because I feel like mama’s little baby because I never sleep by my first mama.

    My first mama she don’t loves me.  I little I don’t see my first mama very much.  I don’t know why first mama don’t like me.  One time I get sick.  I really hope my first mama can come see me in hospital, but she not come and see me.  That time I really sad.  I said, “Why mama don’t want to come see me?”   I am sick so why she not come see me.  I say, “Is she my mama or not my mama?”  She act like I not in her tummy.

    Sometimes I see the kids that have a daddy and mama that go play somewhere, go eat, or go shopping with kids, why can’t I?  Sometimes I feel very sad because I don’t have daddy or mama that want to take me go somewhere or go play somewhere or have fun.  I just live with my grandma and my grandpa.  Grandma is nice.  She take me go to school for a little bit.  Grandpa like to drink bad stuff.  He go to work.  He not very nice.  He get very mad when he be drinking.

    Mama one time come to see me in the orphanage.  She not say anything to me.  She just look at me.  I feel very sad.  I don’t understand why my family do that to me.  I feel like I little and nobody love me.  I went to school and nobody played with me because I had to just sit on a chair because I not walk.  Teacher was nice to me.  The kids were no nice.  The kids went outside to play for playtime.  I not have nobody to play with.

    One day when I was in school my grandma and my uncle or my grandpa no come and get me.  They forget I at the school.   I sit at the table all day and night.  They come get me at 11 at night. But I like the school they teach me lots.  I get to go for 3 or 4 months.     I need to stop because my grandma take me to orphanage.

    My grandma tell me we go see my brother.  I no see my brother.  She walk me up to the orphanage but she say she will come get me in New Year.  I cried and cried.  I was very scared.  I do not eat.  The nannies were scary.  I see what the nannies do with the other kids and I was scared.  Grandma visited me a couple times but she didn’t come back after the new year.

    The orphanage moved to another building.  We first lived in an old house with 5 or 10 kids and then we go to new building.  I see grandma one time in new building and then she never come again.

    When I was older my first mama had a baby again.  This baby got sick and always go to the hospital.  My first mama go to the hospital all the time with the baby.   I didn’t see that baby again.  I think my grandma took me to orphanage so she could take care of that baby.  I don’t know.

    One day on my birthday my first mama come to see me at my grandma’s house, she come and see me but my uncle gave me gift.  When she come she not bring me gift, not hug me or look at me.  I don’t know why.

    I didn’t have a mama for 13 years.   I almost 14 when  I get adopted and go to America.  I like having a mama.  It feels so good to have a mama love you.  Mama can take care of you.   Mama takes me shopping, out to play, go eat together, and do fun stuff.

    jazz and mama

    My mama stay with me in the hospital.  I do four time surgeries and she stay with me for all the time I in the hospital.  She sleep in my room.  Mama never leave me in the hospital by myself.  I like mama stay with me in the hospital.  Sometimes I get mad because I have lots of bad memories but mama not mad.  Mama just let me calm down.

    mom and Jasmine

    I know my mama loves me.

  • Jasmine’s Blog – My Dream

    Date: 2015.07.07 | Category: Jasmine's Blog, Jasmine's Dream

    Jasmine has a dream.  We are working with Love Without Boundaries to set up a fund for her to help with adoption grants for children who are aging out and desperately need a family.  Love Without Boundaries (LWB) was the group that advocated for Jasmine to be adopted.

    Jasmine was one of those aging out children.  In fact, we adopted her just two weeks shy of her 14 birthday.  In China, after the age of 14, you are no longer able to be adopted. She has decided to make this her life’s goal.

    Jasmine’s story also tells of a grandma who tried to care for her but was no longer physically able to.  For this reason, Jasmine would like to help with the Unity Fund too.  This is LWB’s initiative to help families stay together.  It provides medical care that the family can not afford it so that they may keep their child and not have to abandon them.

    It’s easy to stand on this side of the world, where we can walk into any ER for treatment, and stand in judgment of these parents.   But we can’t even grasp what it takes for some of these parents to let their children go in hopes that they can get the treatment they need.

    Jasmine’s two sisters, Grace and Elyse, are a big part of this plan.  These girls divide their allowance and send it off to children who capture their heart. It’s a beautiful bond and a beautiful thing to watch.

    Three girls

    We have set up a new Facebook page for Jasmine to highlight some of these children and to raise awareness for them called Jasmine’s Dream.

    Here is her most recent blog.






    My dream is to help orphans. My hope is that one day there are no more orphans in the world.

    I want to help some older kids, because they want a family very much. They want to have a family’s love. I also hope that during their sickness and surgeries, their parents would sit beside them, so they wouldn’t be scared.

    I think I will get married when I grow up. I want to adopt kids when I turn 30, because China said you have to wait until you are 30 to adopt. I think I wouldn’t have babies, because I want to adopt so much. I want to be a good mom, like my mom, and homeschool my kids. I will teach them English, ASL (American Sign Language), and Chinese. I can’t wait to complete my dreams.

  • Jasmine’s Dream – Hospital Stay

    Date: 2015.04.02 | Category: Jasmine's Blog









    Surgery Four Times

    On January 12th, Dad and Mom took me to the hospital for many health checks. Then Dad and Mom took me to eat super spicy noodles! Then they took me to the movie theater to watch “Anna”.

    On January 13th the doctor did surgery. Before the surgery, the doctor had me drink a super bitter medicine. Mom told me that the doctor would put a metal thing on my back and I can’t sit up for six weeks. Then I don’t know what happened.

    My surgery took 5 hours. When I woke up I was little dizzy. I heard Mom say, “Hello, Jasmine.” At that time my back really hurt. It hurt so much that I couldn’t sleep at night.

    I spend 6 days in the hospital. Then Dad, Mom and I went home. When we got home I couldn’t eat many things. One day I felt super hot and one day I felt super cold, so Dad and Mom took me back to the hospital, and Mom said that I fever.

    I couldn’t believe I had to live in the hospital again. I went to a big hospital for surgery. The doctor opened my back. That was my second surgery.

    Then one day my back was bleeding. I didn’t know why it was bleeding. I was very scared because I had to have another surgery. My third surgery took one hour.

    A few days later I had another surgery. Four surgeries made me very scared.


    Mama’s blog about the hospital stay – Jasmine’s Journey










    在医院的日 子有妈妈和爸爸陪伴我!我很开心她们没有丢下我。妈妈和爸爸和我一起经历痛苦。有时候我哭闹像一个小孩子一样的因为我不喜欢医院里的那些东西,因为有时候那些东西让我好害怕。

    The Things That Scared Me the Most

    When I knew I was going to have surgery I was very excited because my back will be very straight and I will be very tall! However, I also was very scared because I would be staying in the hospital for a couple of days. At the same time I also scared that mom and dad will leave me at the hospital because it happen to me before and I was very scared at the time.
    One time my heart messed up and because of this feeling and I had a fight with mom. The reason of the fight was because I didn’t want to play tea party. I thought I have a very small heart because I get mad with mom just because of that small stuff. Mom asked me what was wrong. I said nothing. Mom asked me if I was mad or not and I said no. Mom asked if I was sad or not and I said no.
    Actually I lied to mom. I was very scared that mom and dad will leave me at the hospital. I told mom and she said that she will not leave me at hospital. I believe mom but I still scared of it.
    The days in the hospital I had mom and dad beside me! I was very happy they didn’t leave me. Mom and dad went through the pain with me. Sometimes I cried like little kids because I didn’t like the stuff in there, because sometime that stuff really scared me.
  • Jasmine’s Blog – Merry Christmas

    Date: 2014.12.24 | Category: Jasmine's Blog






    我要告诉你们,我们家人的圣诞礼物就是新妺妺Elyse 和弟弟Max!我的妈妈现在还在中国接我的妹妹Elyse 还有我的新弟弟Max他们很快就会回到这个家庭里来!这是我们最好的圣诞节礼物,我们非常非常的兴奋!我们是非常的开心他们来到这个家庭!

    我们爱你们Elyse Max!!!



    It’s almost Christmas! I think everybody likes Christmas, right? I like Christmas very much. In Christmas we can open presents. Your family gives you presents, and you receive your favorite present!

    Actually when I came to America I didn’t know what Christmas is because when I was in the orphanage I never celebrated Christmas.What do they do in Christmas?

    But now I know what Christmas is. Christmas is God’s birthday!

    Many people get presents! We also put many ornaments on the Christmas tree!

    I have to tell you, our family’s present is a new sister Elyse and a new brother Max! My mom is still in China to get my sister Elyse and brother Max, soon they will come to our family! This our best Christmas present, we are very excited! We are very happy that they come to this family!

    We love you guys, Elyse, and Max!!!

  • Jasmine’s Blog – I Got a Letter

    Date: 2014.12.09 | Category: Jasmine's Blog

    In our care package, Dan sent Jasmine a letter.  He prayed and prayed about what he should say.  Months after she was home she shared with me how much that letter had meant to her. 

    (From my blog “A Leap of Faith 3/14)  Third, she shared that she cried the day she got the letter from her daddy. Dan started the letter by saying “To my beautiful daughter”.  (Jasmine told me it said pretty daughter, but it actually said beautiful.)  Jasmine told me she had always been told how ugly she was and that she read her daddy’s words over and over again and believed them. (I remember Dan worrying over whether the words in that letter were the right words. He so wanted her to know how much he loved her. I love his heart.)

    Jasmine’s heart was moved by a letter written by her daddy who she had never even met, but she believed his words.  She told me she took his letter out time and time again and read the words and cried because she was so happy he was coming for her.  She said the nanny’s would say, “What if they don’t make it in time?” and Jasmine would reply, “They are coming.  My daddy told me so.”

    I Got A Letter


    When I heard that there was a family going to adopted me, I was very happy! Then a couple of days later the family who was going to adopt me sent me some stuff. I felt very happy! They gave me some clothes, pants, and a pink bear. I liked it very much!


    I also got a letter. It’s from Dad. When I saw the letter, I felt so touched that I cried. Never had people said that I am very pretty and beautiful!


    That was the first time I got a letter that good. I really felt touched by the letter. I never thought that people would say things like that (she is beautiful). I thought that Dad is a very very good dad! 🙂


    I love you, Dad!

    Jasmine & Dad











  • Jasmine’s Blog – Children’s Day

    Date: 2014.12.08 | Category: Jasmine's Blog

    Jasmine and I had been talking about whether or not she had any days, while in the orphanage, that made her happy.   She said that there was one day a year that all the children looked forward to….

    Children’s Day
    Every year we have a Children’s Day on June first. At that day, our orphanage would have some volunteers that would take us to four places. 
    The first place we go is the zoo. We saw a lot of animals. They are so cute! My favorites are birds and rabbits. My least favorite is snake. I remember one time we saw a huge elephant.
    The second place we went is KFC. Our favorites are chicken nuggets and french fries. Every time we would eat until we were very very full.
    The third place is the playground. In there there was a horse (merry-go-round). The people said we can ride on it. So I told my sister I want to ride because I like horses. We are very happy when we ride horses. Then we rode a car. That car is very fast! However, I like it!
    The fourth place is the movie theater. We were watch BaLaLa. That’s our favorite! The we went back to the orphanage. 

    That is the best day.

    Children's Day 2

    Jasmine found these pictures on the internet.

    Children's Day 1







    Children's Day 3 Children's Day