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    In our care package, Dan sent Jasmine a letter.  He prayed and prayed about what he should say.  Months after she was home she shared with me how much that letter had meant to her. 

    (From my blog “A Leap of Faith 3/14)  Third, she shared that she cried the day she got the letter from her daddy. Dan started the letter by saying “To my beautiful daughter”.  (Jasmine told me it said pretty daughter, but it actually said beautiful.)  Jasmine told me she had always been told how ugly she was and that she read her daddy’s words over and over again and believed them. (I remember Dan worrying over whether the words in that letter were the right words. He so wanted her to know how much he loved her. I love his heart.)

    Jasmine’s heart was moved by a letter written by her daddy who she had never even met, but she believed his words.  She told me she took his letter out time and time again and read the words and cried because she was so happy he was coming for her.  She said the nanny’s would say, “What if they don’t make it in time?” and Jasmine would reply, “They are coming.  My daddy told me so.”

    I Got A Letter


    When I heard that there was a family going to adopted me, I was very happy! Then a couple of days later the family who was going to adopt me sent me some stuff. I felt very happy! They gave me some clothes, pants, and a pink bear. I liked it very much!


    I also got a letter. It’s from Dad. When I saw the letter, I felt so touched that I cried. Never had people said that I am very pretty and beautiful!


    That was the first time I got a letter that good. I really felt touched by the letter. I never thought that people would say things like that (she is beautiful). I thought that Dad is a very very good dad! 🙂


    I love you, Dad!

    Jasmine & Dad