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    Date: 2015.12.03 | Category: Adoption, Jasmine's Blog | Tags:

    One day mama show me and Gracie and Elyse the photo of a kid in a wheelchair.  Her name is Belinda.  She is very cute!

    She has kidney issues like Gracie has.  Her legs don’t work like Elyse’s.  She has a curve in her back like me.   We ask mama if we can adopt her but mama say no!

    Mama say we are not adopt any more. We ask mama “Why?”.  Mama say, “We have a lot of kids.”

    We keep asking mama we can adopt one more.  Just one more time! But mama say, “No!”.  Daddy say, “No!”.  I ask mama can we try adopt her please, please, please, please mama?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I say, “I don’t care if China say yes just can we try?”

    Mama said, “No.  We not adopt.  You can talk about her on your page.”  My friend, Alice’s, friend just got adopted.  Alice talk about her and I talk about her and she find her family. She almost 14 on October 14.  Mama say we can do the same for Belinda.

    One day mama show me the video about Belinda.  She is very pretty and very cute and she very pretty and she also very sad.  She want a family!!!!  🙂

    I tell mama we have to adopt her or find her family.  Mama say ok.  Later we see on Facebook that she have a family.  I say ok and Elyse say ok and Gracie just cry.  We all upset because we think that God told us she is our sister, but now another family will go get her.  Gracie cry all night and Elyse so so sad.  I am very sad too cause she is my sister.

    We are sad all day long but we try to be happy for her because she has a family.  The next day daddy say he can find who her family is so we can watch her get adopted.  That day Jan came to update our home study.  She has to do this after we are adopted for China.

    That night daddy said, “Sit down on the couch so I can show you the picture of Belinda’s family.”  Daddy showed us our family and says we are going to adopt her. He says her name is going to be Jessica.

    We are so really, really happy that we can adopt her but Elyse keep saying that daddy and mama are lying.  It take Elyse a long time to believe it but then she is so happy.

    Every day we pray that Jessica can come to America very fast because she is very sick.  We got a message that she was in the hospital for 23 days.  She is very little.  She is almost 8 and they say 24 pounds.  That is pretty little.  We want her to come see doctors and get better.  Mama try to do the paperwork really fast so mama and daddy can go get her.

    We really love our new sister.   We tell daddy one is okay.  Elyse say 3 would be good but she ok with one right now.   We adopt one more time.