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    I like having little siblings.  They like running, playing and sometimes they like to watch me play the I-pad.  We like to play Mario Kart together.  They give lots of hugs and kisses.

    Ben Ben

    He really likes to play Mario Kart.   Sometimes I play with him.  He is always so happy.  I remember when I come home to America Ben Ben was very blue, but now Ben Ben is very pink.  He is all better.   He can run now, really, really fast.  I see pictures when he come home he was pretty little.   Now he is so much bigger.

    Jazz & Ben


    I like watch Max eating.  He gets so happy when he eats.  He really likes the food.  His favorite food is noodles.  He laughs so hard and he can’t stop laughing.  Max likes to pat your head and kiss your head.  He likes to follow Ben Ben around and do stuff.  He likes to run.  We have had to teach Max how to hug.  Sometimes when I hug him he gets so happy he laughs and can’t stop.   Sometimes he likes to sit on my lap and touch my hair.  Max was sad when he come home to America but he right now is not scared anymore and is a very happy boy.

    Max and Jazz


    When I come home Maisey is very little.  Maisey have very little ears.  Maisey can hear a little bit.  She like watch princesses and Barbie.  She likes to read book.  She says she going to be a librarian.  She read books all day long.  She is like Cassie.  I hear mama say Cassie read books all day when she is little.  Maisey likes to dance and run really fast.  Maisey is very quiet.  Maisey is getting to be a big girl.

    Maisey and Jazz


    I remember in China Lainey don’t stop crying and she had lots of seizures.  All day she would cry and cry.  We don’t know how to make her happy.  When we get home she get better.  Right now she is very, very happy.  Her favorite food is french fries.  She can’t eat lots of food but she really like french fries.   I like to feed Lainey her rice cereal.  Every time I feed her food she is really happy and claps her hands and signs please.



    I remember in China we got to get Evie and Lainey.  Mema let me hold Evie she was so very little.  She only weigh 13 pounds and she is 2.  She was happy.  She likes to eat rice cereal too.  I sat on the bed and fed her rice cereal.  She was a very happy little girl but she was very sick.  She was so really, really blue.  She is a very happy.


    Evie likes to ride with me on my wheelchair.  I buckle her in and go around the path.  She is not blue any more either she is not sick any more she is pink.  She likes to sing and dance.  She likes to be really silly with Eli.

    Jasmine & Evie


    When we go Eli in China he said “bu yao” all the time.  He was not happy in China but right now he is really happy.   He likes to play Mario Kart.  When Evie and Eli dance together it is really funny.  They are like twins.  Before Eli was really blue too but now he is all fixed.  He is pink too.  He is not sick anymore.  He likes to dance.  He is a very good dancer.


    I like to have little siblings.  They are really funny and cute.  I love them and they love me.