• Jasmine’s Blog – Pray for Victoria and Cassie

    Date: 2016.01.19 | Category: Jasmine's Blog | Tags:


    One time mama show me Victoria’s picture.  I see her back that looks really bad.  No one has wanted to adopt her.  Her back looks worse than mine did.  I hope somebody can adopt her so that she can get her back fixed too.  It will make her feel so much better.

    I wonder if she can’t breathe good like I could not.  I wonder how much better she would feel.  She needs a family or she might die early too.


    She just turned 13 in December.  She has one year left.  I don’t want her to turn 14 and go to a place filled with old people.  It is very hard in China.  You can not take your wheelchair anywhere.  No ramps like here in America.

    I hope someone sees her pretty face and wants to adopt her.  I hope nobody is too afraid.  I pray about her every day.  I pray that somebody will want to adopt her.

    When I was in China, I almost turn 14 and I think I will not have a family.  The nannies tell me when I turn 14 I will go some place with old people.  They tell me I won’t have a wheelchair.  They say those people will just put me on the floor and they won’t feed me.  Turning 14 when you are in a wheelchair is very scary.  The nannies tell me I would slowly die.  They tell me the people will hope I die so they don’t have to take care of me.

    I don’t want this to happen to Victoria.  Please somebody be her mama.


    One night mama tell me about a family that wants to adopt a girl named Cassie, but her agency would not let the family adopt her.  Cassie will turn 14 in July.  I feel sorry for the family and the sister who wants Cassie to be her sister.

    It is really sad that an agency won’t let her have a family.  This agency must not care because they would rather she age out then give her a good family.   I hope somebody sees her and can add her to their paperwork.  Someone could still do it but she is running out of time.

    I ask mama to go back and get her but mama doesn’t think it will work.  I wish it would.  So I really want her to get adopted. I want someone to help her with her feet.  I don’t want any more kids to go to a bad place.  I pray and pray and pray.


    Wouldn’t Cassie make a great sister?   Are you her mama?

    The other night I have a dream.  I wake up so happy.  I dream Grace, Elyse, Jessica and me go to China.  We are so excited because there are no more orphans.  We went to visit the last orphans who were getting a family.  We told them it was good.  We told them they would have food and be very happy and be loved.  It is a good.

    My dream is for a family for every child.  I hope one day that my dream comes true.   Please pray for Cassie and Victoria so they can know how good it is to be loved by a family.