• Jasmine’s Blog – Why Mommy and Daddy Want to Adopt Me?

    Date: 2015.12.23 | Category: Jasmine's Blog | Tags:

    In China people say I can not get adopted because I can not walk. But one day they told me that a family did want to adopt me. Mommy and daddy thought I had spina bifida, but the paperwork was wrong. I have something else.

    When mommy and daddy see me on adoption day they thought I had muscular dystrophy. After mommy and daddy meet me I was really worried that they would take me back to the orphanage. The nannies told that when my mommy and daddy saw me they would take me back because I can not walk. In China you have 24 hours to decide if you want to keep the kids or not.

    But mommy and daddy didn’t take me back to leave me there. They took me back to the orphanage to hand out clothes that mommy and daddy had brought for the kids. The kids were so happy when I handed out the clothes. It was so much fun!

    I come America and I have back surgery for my scoliosis. After they did a muscle biopsy, the doctors know I have spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

    When I was in China, I thought no one could love me because I couldn’t walk or do anything. But after that I tell mama and she said, “She doesn’t love me because I can do anything.” Mama said that she fell in love with me the first time she saw my face. Daddy said the same thing.

    Before they saw my face, mommy and daddy had said they would not adopt older kids. They said they wouldn’t adopt anyone over 4 because it wouldn’t work in the family. But mommy and daddy saw my face and fell in love and thought God was saying “that is your daughter”.

    Because mommy and daddy love me they adopt me, not because I can walk. They adopt me because they love me. Mommy and daddy went very far to come adopt me.

    In China, mommy and daddy take me shopping and out to eat. I didn’t talk to daddy very much because I was a little afraid. The boys I knew in China were mean. They not nice to talk to. I talk to mommy because she is so funny. I didn’t understand what Cassie and mommy were saying but they were so funny. They make me laugh because they singing songs like potty time.

    One time in China mommy and daddy dance. They so cute. I knew daddy was silly and he is ok because he dance with mama.

    I didn’t know very much English so I couldn’t understand. I learned to say and sign “eat, potty, drink, and thank you”.

    This year has been hard for me because I think mommy and daddy will leave me too. I think it would be better if everyone else hate me so my heart won’t hurt again. I try to make everyone mad. Mommy and daddy said they know I do this because I am afraid they are going to leave me so I want to leave first.

    But now I know mommy and daddy won’t leave me because I said bad things and made everyone mad but they still love me and forgive me.

    I believe I have a purpose and God has a plan for me. I don’t know what all I will do yet, but I know He has plan.

    Sometimes it is hard for me and I get jealous that my sister can walk and do things like have a boyfriend and go shopping and out to movies. But sometimes I think she has her own life and I have my own life too. Jealousy is not good though. It just makes you really, really mad. Mama say it is ok to get mad but you can’t be mean to anyone else.

    Sometimes when I hear people say something, I think people mean one thing and they didn’t really say that. I let me get really mad and I shouldn’t do that. I should ask people what they said and be sure. God doesn’t want me to get really mad and be mean. He wants me to trust.

    Sometimes if you are sad you should talk about it because that way you won’t be mad all day long. Talking to mommy and daddy helps. You can play games with your sisters or do something else to take your mind off of it. They understand.

    Everybody has problems they go through and lots of people have it worse than me. I have to see the good stuff in my life.

    The last couple months I have been really mad and thinking I shouldn’t write my blog any more. I think I don’t have anything to say. I just being mean to everyone. I am mad and sad.

    Mama says I can do whatever I want to do. I decided I want to write my blog so other people understand what it is like to be older when adopted and what it is like to not be able to move. I realized that there are lots of people who are worse off then me. They don’t have food, or a house, or a family that loves them.

    I have a power wheelchair. If my stuff breaks, mommy and daddy will fix it. Mommy and daddy came to adopt me and gave me lots of brothers and sisters. I have a silly mommy and daddy. I have lots of brothers and sisters who help me do stuff. They all take care of me because they love me.

    I know why mommy and daddy adopt me…because they LOVE me!