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  • Stage One Complete

    Date: 2014.12.21 | Category: Adoption, China 2014, Elyse, Max

    I am going to try and post from my phone. This ought to be interesting.  🙂 (Hint- it didn’t work. -Cassie)

    We will be traveling to three different cities on this trip.  Stage one – Hefei, stage two – Zhengzhou, and the final stage – Guangzhou.

    This has been the most relaxed adoption trip ever so far.  They messed up our room at the Hilton and we ended up in a suite. A two bedroom suite with a jacuzzi tub that Elyse has loved.



    We have played cards, shopped, ate pizza and watched some really interesting shows on a channel called Diva.



    We visited the orphanage and met Elyse’s foster grandmother, mother, father and assorted family.  Elyse spent the first 7 years or her life with them before being called back to the orphanage.  It was a very moving moment in time and I believe allowed Elyse some closure.  Elyse had not seen them for two years and yet she acted like it was just yesterday.  Elyse’s foster grandmother told her to go, love her family, and be happy.  What a gift!




    Tomorrow, bright and early, we head out to Zhengzhou for stage two of our trip.  We meet Max on Monday.  I am so ready to hold our boy.  Praying that he isn’t too frightened and ready to he loved up.

    Please surround our little guy with prayer.  I can’t imagine what it feels like to all of a sudden be with other people who look so different from you.   Elyse has done really well. She has been prepared well for adoption. Praying the same is true with Max.

  • China 3.0

    Date: 2014.12.13 | Category: Adoption, China 2014, Elyse, Max

    Well, the day is finally here.  We leave bright and early at 4 a.m.    It didn’t sound so bad when we bought the tickets.   What was I thinking?

    It will all be worth it when we meet these two….

    Elyse 1

    bi 2

    I’ve been informed that Elyse says, “To hurry up.  What’s taking you so long mom?”

    The countdown chart has been prepared.


    Friends even dropped off a little gift for each and every day that we are gone.

    Thanks Foerch family!!!

    This trip will be different in that Dan is staying home.  With Evie and Elijah recently having surgery, we decided it would be better if one of us stayed home.  It won’t be the same without Dan with me.  We’ve never been apart more than a week in the 30 years we have been married.

    He’s sad and I’m sad.

    But he is going to fly to Chicago so that he can meet the kids before everyone else does because that’s what daddies who wish the could go….do.  I love the way he thinks.

    The kids have been kissed and tucked in.

    They all told me to hurry up and get Max and Elyse so they can come home and see the Christmas lights.

    Cassie and daddy have the fort covered.

    Everything’s packed and ready to go.

    So even though I’m sad about leaving my loved ones behind.  I am reminded of the reason we chose to adopt in the first place.  It’s not always an easy journey but well worth it.

    lainey 1

    Look how far Lainey has come!  She is such a happy girl now.

    Family is a beautiful thing.

    Cassie will update while I’m gone.

    She’s a little busy with some wedding plans, but I think she can handle it.

    Wedding plans you ask?

    Oh! Did I forget to mention what happened the other night?

    Well, Reece graciously included all her siblings and surprised Cassie by proposing at Jolly Holiday Lights.

    Jolly Holiday Lights is a couple miles of lighted up signs and at the end you can get out and get a picture with Santa.

    So we loaded up the bus….

    family Christmas

    and the siblings had their picture taken.

    And then…


    She said “Yes!”

    It seems we have lots of good news to share!

    We will be home soon!  Please continue to keep us all in your prayers.

    Max and Elyse as their lives change.

    All those that wait at home.

    Zach, Steph, and I for safe travels.





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