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    Jasmine and I had been talking about whether or not she had any days, while in the orphanage, that made her happy.   She said that there was one day a year that all the children looked forward to….

    Children’s Day
    Every year we have a Children’s Day on June first. At that day, our orphanage would have some volunteers that would take us to four places. 
    The first place we go is the zoo. We saw a lot of animals. They are so cute! My favorites are birds and rabbits. My least favorite is snake. I remember one time we saw a huge elephant.
    The second place we went is KFC. Our favorites are chicken nuggets and french fries. Every time we would eat until we were very very full.
    The third place is the playground. In there there was a horse (merry-go-round). The people said we can ride on it. So I told my sister I want to ride because I like horses. We are very happy when we ride horses. Then we rode a car. That car is very fast! However, I like it!
    The fourth place is the movie theater. We were watch BaLaLa. That’s our favorite! The we went back to the orphanage. 

    That is the best day.

    Children's Day 2

    Jasmine found these pictures on the internet.

    Children's Day 1







    Children's Day 3 Children's Day