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    Everybody has a dream.  If you want your dream to come true, you need to work hard.  You can’t just sit at home and hope your dream will come true.

    I have a dream.  My dream is that I hope one day there will be no more orphans.  I feel sad sometimes because I feel like that can’t happen cause there are so many orphans all over the world.   But mama says that you have to help one child at a time and not be sad that so many wait.

    Sometimes I get sad and don’t think God has a plan for my life. I feel like I can’t make a difference because I’m just a little girl in a wheelchair.  How can I help the orphan?  How can I help orphans gets adopted?   Then sometimes he sends people to show me that I do make a difference.  I got a comment from the Netherlands that said I helped a little boy and it made me feel so good.  I’m hoping it’s the little boy that I think it is.  He’s cute, silly, and really funny.  I’m so happy he has a family.

    People need to adopt older children too.  If God tells you to do it, you should follow God’s plan for you.  Kids understand what family means.  When you adopt an older child, you let them know their life has worth.  But some people don’t think about that.  Sometimes I see my mama’s Facebook and I see children wait who can’t walk or walk slow, these kids wait cause the parents don’t want them.  I want people to understand that even if a child has a problem, they need a family to love them.

    When I had second surgery, they doctor told me I could dream about anything – being a princess, driving a beautiful car, get married – but I said, “I just want to dream about there being no more orphans.”   After I got better mommy and daddy help me start Jasmine’s Dream.  My dream is to help 1,000 kids.

    Jasmine's Dream

    We send our allowance, raise money, and mommy and daddy help.  We buy adoption t-shirts, we support Reece’s Rainbow 5-5-5 for families, we sponsor children, we give to Love Without Boundaries unity fund, we purchase from adoption auctions, and donate whenever we can to help kids get adopted.   We even helped buy a yak for a family.   There are lots of ways to help.

    My three middle sisters help me. They believe in Jasmine’s Dream too.  Mama calls us the Fab Four.  The four of us think about the future and how we can help lots and lots of kids.  My sisters and I hope that one day no child gets left.  We hope that China, Africa, and the whole world can stop leaving children and take care of them.  That will be a happy, happy day.

    I believe my sisters and I can change the world.