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    Jasmine has a dream.  We are working with Love Without Boundaries to set up a fund for her to help with adoption grants for children who are aging out and desperately need a family.  Love Without Boundaries (LWB) was the group that advocated for Jasmine to be adopted.

    Jasmine was one of those aging out children.  In fact, we adopted her just two weeks shy of her 14 birthday.  In China, after the age of 14, you are no longer able to be adopted. She has decided to make this her life’s goal.

    Jasmine’s story also tells of a grandma who tried to care for her but was no longer physically able to.  For this reason, Jasmine would like to help with the Unity Fund too.  This is LWB’s initiative to help families stay together.  It provides medical care that the family can not afford it so that they may keep their child and not have to abandon them.

    It’s easy to stand on this side of the world, where we can walk into any ER for treatment, and stand in judgment of these parents.   But we can’t even grasp what it takes for some of these parents to let their children go in hopes that they can get the treatment they need.

    Jasmine’s two sisters, Grace and Elyse, are a big part of this plan.  These girls divide their allowance and send it off to children who capture their heart. It’s a beautiful bond and a beautiful thing to watch.

    Three girls

    We have set up a new Facebook page for Jasmine to highlight some of these children and to raise awareness for them called Jasmine’s Dream.

    Here is her most recent blog.






    My dream is to help orphans. My hope is that one day there are no more orphans in the world.

    I want to help some older kids, because they want a family very much. They want to have a family’s love. I also hope that during their sickness and surgeries, their parents would sit beside them, so they wouldn’t be scared.

    I think I will get married when I grow up. I want to adopt kids when I turn 30, because China said you have to wait until you are 30 to adopt. I think I wouldn’t have babies, because I want to adopt so much. I want to be a good mom, like my mom, and homeschool my kids. I will teach them English, ASL (American Sign Language), and Chinese. I can’t wait to complete my dreams.