• The Little Pirate Turns Two

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    In June of 2012, I saw a picture of a little boy in New Hope Foundation’s newsletter.  They were pleading for a family for this little guy. China had said they couldn’t do surgery and his only hope was coming to the U.S.

    eli 6

    Then a month later, I saw a Show Hope newsletter asking for the same thing for little Warren.  By then I was praying and pleading with God.  I knew in my heart if it was meant to be that he would be my son but so many things could go wrong.  But I had faith and truly believed he would be my son, I just knew it from the very first moment I saw his face.  I mean really, who wouldn’t fall in love with a face like this?


    Months went by as we waited for the orphanage to make him paper ready. We waited and waited and waited.  We finally had to make the choice to adopt Evie and Lainey and go back to get Eli when his papers became available.  I never gave up hope because I knew this little guy was my son and Ben believed fully that Eli was his didi.   (You can read more about it here. Miraculous Happenings)

    In the meantime we saw Jasmine’s picture and proceeded with her adoption before she aged out.  China had allowed us three.  We would just have to turn around and use our paperwork and head back in another six months or so.   But then in March his papers miraculously became available.  Everything was expedited and China allowed us to adopt all four at once.  In May he became our son.  The magnitude of all that happened for him to become our son is never lost on me.  I am blessed over and over again by this sweet little guy.


    Elijah James is as sweet as sweet can be.  He is fun and games and everything good.  He is goofy and funny and loves to cuddle.

    Cassie's pictures December '13 036

    I have a song that I sing to all the kids before the go to sleep.  I make up their song as I get to know them.

    Here is Eli’s:

    Eli the pirate, he stole his mama’s heart.

    Eli the pirate, right from the very start.

    Eli the pirate is as cute as cute can be.

    Eli the pirate is a treasure to me.

    eli 3 eli 5

    He loves to bake.


    And chase and be chased by his siblings.

    Ben 5

    And be silly in every possible way.

    eli 4

    This year we got to meet Steven Curtis Chapman because Eli was the 500th child to be admitted to Maria’s Big House of Hope in China.  SCC’s Glorious Unfolding tour came to Iowa.  His Glorious Unfolding cd is one of my favorite SCC cd’s ever.  It was so fun to meet Mr. Chapman and thank him for all the care he gave to our little guy.



    Eli is so easy going and sweet. Evie and Eli are best friends.  They have their own little language that is so funny.  When Evie gets her shot, it’s Eli who is holding her hand and high fiving her afterwards.  He is the first to say please and the first to say thank you.  He is the first to go to sleep without even a peep.   He loves everyone and hasn’t found a food that he doesn’t like to eat.  He is the lowest maintenance of all the kids.  He is thrilled with the littlest gift.  He has the cutest dimple and the best smile.

    Eli’s future is uncertain, but isn’t everyone’s?  We have an appointment at Stanford in April.  We will see what they have to say and what they can do.  In the meantime, we will thoroughly enjoy the days we are blessed to spend with this little guy.  We know how lucky we were to be able to adopt him in the first place. It’s hard to worry about the number of his days when you had a front row seat to the amazing miracles God had happen just to allow us that gift.

    Happy birthday little guy!  xoxox