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    “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

    My Facebook post from today:

    We went ahead and planned our consulate visit for the girls and set our travel based on their schedule. We didn’t want Min to have to wait any longer than necessary since she is so close to aging out of the system. (In China once you hit 14, you are no longer available for adoption.) She will turn 14 on June 1st. We took a chance that they might not be able to get Eli’s Article 5 and travel approval (T.A.) granted in time to have the same consulate appointment as the girls, which would mean extra days in China waiting for his consulate appointment. When we asked the Consulate if they could hold an appointment for him, they told us not without a T.A. So we decided to proceed and left the details up to God. He’s done a pretty good job so far this year. Today we heard that T.A. has been issued and the consulate appointment is the same day as the girls. This has been a year of miraculous happenings all around. Feeling very blessed today. We get to travel and get them all at the same time without delays! If you’ve never adopted you may not understand just how miraculous this is but I can assure you the delays in paperwork are mind boggling sometimes. Believe me this is huge!

    I just thought I’d share an interesting tidbit of our adoption journey.

    Here is an excerpt from the June 2012 newsletter that we read with Eli’s (Warren’s) information.  This is the picture that I fell in love with.

    “This week we ask for prayer for a family for Warren who has a complex heart condition that the surgeons say he may have a chance of some surgeries if he is adopted to the US. Please pray that a family would be willing to adopt sweet Warren to give him the best that life can offer despite his condition.”

    july 25th 2012 019

    And the very next month here is what the newsletter said:

    “Prayer Request for the month:    Last month we asked for prayers for a family for Warren and we rejoice greatly for answered prayers. We hear that a family in the US is very interested in adopting him and we hope that everything will go smoothly and quickly for him.”

    Why did this news change?  Well, because we asked about this sweet, little guy.  I mean seriously….just look at that face.  Would you not fall in love too?  I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.  When we got the papers from his orphanage, they described him over and over again as handsome and charming.

    And later we read this amazing news in Show Hope’s July newsletter and all the while I was reading it I was thinking “No, you can’t advocate in this newsletter for a family for Warren because his mommy and daddy have been found.”  And then I prayed….a lot!  Hoping that we would be the family that would be allowed to adopt him.  All the while Ben was calling this little boy his didi (little brother), which made absolutely no sense.

    “We ask for prayer that a family will be able to adopt sweet Warren so that he might be able to have the chance of surgery and the best that life can offer him,” shares Dr. Joyce Hill, who oversees the Show Hope Special Care Centers.

    Maria’s Big House of Hope, located in the Henan province, has provided care, love, and medical attention for 500 children with special needs. Within all three Special Care Centers located throughout the province, Show Hope has provided life-giving care for more than 800 children.

    “Warren, as the 500th child to come into care at Maria’s Big House of Hope, signifies the hundreds and thousands of children we hope to care for in the coming years, thanks to the generous support of so many amazing donors and supporters,” shares Scott Hasenbalg, Show Hope’s Executive Director. “We have the amazing opportunity to watch miracles happen as children who had no hope become stronger, healthier and happier children. As more donors join this work, we hope to open even more Special Care Centers as soon as we are able.”   (Show Hope)

    Eli was our own little celebrity.  I find this whole thing ironic.  The reason that I chose to adopt in the first place was that Mary Beth Chapman just happened to write a book.  Choosing to See  I had been wrestling for quite a while with the fact that Dan wanted to adopt again, but I felt like I was too old.  In the book, Mary Beth’s daughter asks her if it is better for an orphan to have an older mother or no mother at all.  I read those words, cried, changed my opinion and we proceeded with our adoption.  This little boy that I fell in love, (Warren/Eli)  had been cared for in Maria’s Big House of Hope, which is named after the Chapman’s daughter Maria who had been killed in a tragic accident.  And then another amazing thing happened  (another sign of God’s humor and His work in all of this).  After we had been home with Maisey for a few months, we learned some information about her.  She was a little celebrity in her own right.   She had been written about in a book.   The House of Hope   Our little Maisey (Chaya) was New Hope Foundation’s (Hope Foster Home ) 1,000th admission.  If you sponsor a child in this home, it goes through Show Hope too.  Coincidence?  A twist of fate?  I choose to believe otherwise.  I know whose hand has been  all over our adoptions.  What are the odds that we would be blessed with being parents to both of these “milestone” children who had been cared for by Show Hope which is helped by the very people (The Chapmans) who sent us on our adoption journey to start with?

    In life, if you take the time to look, you will see God’s hand in the smallest of details.  Things that we think are unimportant or don’t matter, add up to bigger things down the road.   A book read, a detour in the road, your pain, a delay, they all can be part of a bigger plan, a bigger purpose.  “It’s incredible to realize that what we do each day has meaning in the big picture of God’s plan”  ( Bill Hybels )  Do everything as unto the Lord because you never know which part of your seemingly ordinary day is just waiting for God to make it extraordinary.