• Jasmine’s Dream – Laziness

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    One day a nanny told me, “You are very lazy.” Because the nannies always thought I said, “If I can walk, then I can do things, but I can’t walk.” So the nannies thought I always use my disabilities as excuse. However, I never thought about that. I want do things very much. If I could stand, I would love to help people. And I will be very happy.


    There were many people who told me I am lazy. Actually I really want to walk, because I want to help people! I don’t want people say I’m lazy. Every time when people said I’m lazy, I would be very very sad.


    When a new nanny came, she would ask me, “Why you can’t walk?” I didn’t know how to answer. I don’t know why I can’t walk. Then a nanny answer the new nanny, “Because she is lazy, she said if she can walk, then we can make her doing things.” When I heard the conversation, I was very sad. I didn’t say that. But they just won’t believe me.  


    Why they don’t believe me?  Why? What I say is all true, but they just don’t believe me. They hate me a lot, they also don’t like me. Why they saying things like that to me? I don’t understand why they don’t like me. Is it just because I am a person with a disability?


    The nannies told me I’m so lazy, but I want to stand like other people too.


    The life in the orphanage made me so scared and so sad.


    From Mom – Jasmine has told us often that the nannies believed she was lying about not being able to walk.  They left her food out of reach.  The nannies figured she would have to give up her charade of not being able to walk once she got hungry enough.   It didn’t help matters much that the physicians there agreed that Jasmine could walk if she wanted to.

    This makes me so sad.  Since we got Jasmine’s power wheelchair, she tries helping in any way she can.  She takes dishes to the sink.  She picks up toys off the floor with her claw.  She makes her bed.  She often talks about how she wishes she could do more.  When we were discussing building a new home, she asked if we could put the laundry on her level so she could help.  This child is far from lazy.

    We talk often about what heaven will be like.  How she will have a new body and be healed.  She just wants to run and play like other children.  We talk about how our time here on earth is but a short time and eternity is forever.  When she is sad about what she can not do, this brings a smile to her face.  Someday Jasmine will run and oh what a beautiful day that will be.