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    Jazz 1

    It’s hard to believe it’s been a year.

    A year of so many firsts….

    She had her first big birthday party and had no clue what to do with her presents,

    June 1 2013 024

    but she was beyond thrilled about having her very own cake.

    June 1 2013 027

    She attended VBS at our church and sang her little heart out, even though she knew very little English.

    vbs box

    She got her very first flowers.

    June 1 2013 090

    And took her very first shopping trip.


    She went to the Iowa State Fair.

    jazz 3

    and her first concert – a Casting Crown’s concert!!!

    Jasmine 24

    She couldn’t see the stage from her wheelchair so big sister helped her out.

    Jasmine 13

    She discovered she really loves holding babies.

    jazz 2

    She found her freedom with a hot pink, powered wheelchair on the path in our backyard.

    out 10

    She learned you don’t have to be able to swim to enjoy the pool.


    She went to her first Renaissance Fair.

    Jasmine 8

    And ate her first turkey leg.

    Jasmine 10

    She dressed up as Jasmine for Halloween.

    Jasmine 5

    And learned what “trick or treating” was all about.

    Jasmine 7

    She went to Disneyland Paris with friends from Spain.  (Well, her picture did anyway.)

    This family sponsored Jasmine for years and wanted to adopt her.


    She received a really wonderful gift in the mail that touched her heart, from the sweetest little girls.

    min 9


    And learned that people all around the world love her, care about her and pray for her.

    This was from a blog post on Love Without Boundaries.

    (If you don’t know what this organization does, please check them out.  They are the reason we found Jasmine.  They were advocating for her on their Facebook page and in their blog.)


    She got to lead the way on the ice at the engagement party for Zach and Stephanie.

    Jasmine 19

    And then be a junior bridesmaid in their wedding.

    She was especially excited about the pretty, sparkly dress and having her hair done.

    Jasmine 17 Jazz 7

    She had her first cake fight.

    Jasmine 14

    And learned that she loved baking.

    Jasmine 15

    She learned that she was a superhero.

    (These capes are made by and adoptive mama, who is funding her adoption.  You can get the capes at Justice Gifts on Facebook.)

    Jasmine 23

    She learned English like a pro

    and finished kindergarten, first and second grade.

    She found out just how beautiful she really is.

    (She has told us numerous times that she was often told she was ugly and she believed those words until her daddy sent her a letter and told her that he loved her and that she was beautiful and she chose to believe him.)

    Jasmine 6

    She learned how much fun having a big sister is.

    Big sisters do your hair and make-up.

    jazz 9 jazz 10

    And how much fun it is to be a big sister.

    The littles adore Jasmine, especially Evie.



    She met Steven Curtis Chapman at his Glorious Unfolding Tour at Harmony Bible Church.


    And Mikeschair at a concert at Rising Sun Church.

    Jazz 5

    And Jonny Diaz was there too!

    Jazz 20

    She even got to meet her favorite you-tube channel make-up artist, Lex, from MadeULook by Lex.

    Jazz 1

    She has learned about God and His love for her.  She knows God has a plan for her life.  She knows her life has purpose and worth.  She knows that she is saved by His grace.  She understands that we love and remember Kyle even though he died.  She understands through hearing about Kyle’s life that there is a forever future and that brings her great peace.  She understands that no matter what happens in her life we will never leave her side.  She knows that she has a family forever and she will never be forgotten.


    Jasmine attended a Women of Faith conference with my mom before she passed away.

    Jasmine 12

    And learned about giving to others who have less.

    She helped pack boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

    Jasmine 4

    And she had the idea to raise money for a little girl named Emma who sat in an orphanage for months with a broken leg.


    And learned that life isn’t always fair when Emma passed away.  Jasmine cried many, many tears over little Emma.

    She found her very best friend in her little sister Gracie.


    And together these two will change the world.

    Jasmine talks to Gracie in the middle of the night and shares many secrets with her.  One of those secrets was how hungry her and her friends were.  Gracie and Jasmine put their little heads together and decided to do something about it.  They raised $3,000 towards the nutrition fund at Jasmine’s orphanage.  Jasmine learned that you can make a difference.

    They dream of the bus they will drive and the children they will adopt.  20 was the last number being thrown around.

    She has learned about family and what that really means.


    She was in her first Christmas card picture.

    Jasmine 18

    And had a picture with the Easter bunny although she had no clue why the person was in an bunny costume.

    Jasmine 22

    She went to the local amusement park and got to play dress-up.

    Jasmine 20

    She has changed our lives, brightened our days, moved our hearts, and challenged us to do more.

    These two little girl’s will get a chance at family because Jasmine wanted to do more.

    Jasmine prayed and our hearts were moved.

    Jasmine knew instantly that Kelly and Elyse were her sisters.

    photo(8) photo(7)

    She says she learned how to be silly when she joined our family.

    June 1 2013 068

    She says she loves having a big family and lots of people to love.

    Jasmine 21

    When I asked her about her favorite moment of the year, she said, “Dancing with Daddy!”   I don’t have a video of the time he picked her up and danced around the living room floor with her, but the look on her face brought tears to my eyes.  Every little girl wants a daddy who loves her.

    Jasmine has learned so much this past year about trust, love, and family; but we have learned just as much about what those words really mean.  We have learned to trust God and His plan even when we don’t have all the answers.  We see even more clearly how His plan is perfect and how He can use lives to change others.  Jasmine is such a blessing and a beautiful addition to our family.

    Happy birthday sweet girl!