• 2013 China Adventures: Today’s the Day!

    Date: 2013.05.08 | Category: Jasmine (Shuang Shuang) | Tags:

    First off, I’m having trouble posting to my blog directly so if you’d like to see pictures and hear Cassie’s telling of our story, then head on over to thankfulforthecrazy.wordpress.com

    Today was the day, we had to wait all morning long and that was such a hard thing to do. I was nervous. Worse than getting ready for a first date. Couldn’t find the right clothes and it was a bad hair day.  I know that she just wants a mama but I wanted it to be perfect and I’m so far from perfect.

    Dan had the great idea to get her an iPad. We downloaded a video of the kids saying they loved her, who they were, and how they couldn’t wait to meet her. We had it translated by Ali, a friend of Cassie’s. It was a huge hit. She played games and drew pictures. She then showed us all the English words she had learned and I showed her my really bad Chinese. Then she started writing on her iPad. She wrote that Cassie was beautiful and daddy was handsome.  She also wrote mama is pretty but then she wrote it again and said “my” mama is pretty.  Did you hear that? My!!!!

    She is truly the sweetest soul.  God has blessed us again. She is much worse off physically than we initially thought which made me sad.  But mentally she is A smart as a whip and so, so sweet.  How do I know you ask? Well, when she first met us she said we sent her a lot of stuff and she kept what was really important to her but she gave the rest to her friends in the orphanage and she wanted to know if that was okay.  Then we told her we bought clothes for the children at the orphanage and she said it would be so much fun to hand it out. We will be making the 5 hour trip to the orphanage so she can hand out the clothes.  Can’t deny her the handing out of presents to her friends.

    We had our translator ask her what she wanted for dinner and she said “KFC and a coke”.  Considering that is Dan’s favorite place to eat, I think she’s already proven she’s part of the family!

    All in all a beautiful day. Love the translator apps. Love her beautiful flowing dark hair. Love her smile. Hate, hate, that she was there as long as she was. But she has a family now and that’s what matters.