• Why You Should Adopt (per the terrific trio)

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    The three girls have asked me to write a blog about adoption.  I agreed to write their words just like they say them.  I may be in trouble for this one.  🙂

    These three are going to be world changers.  The heart they have for orphans is so sweet.  They want to help.  They talk about it all the time.  They want to open eyes and hearts to the needs of children.  I couldn’t be prouder of them even if they just won’t let the topic of us adopting drop. 


    Jasmine (16, adopted at age 14) – You should adopt because kids need a family.  When you adopt a child, you will know they are so happy for a family.  When you are in an orphanage you don’t have anybody to love you.  You feel sad and lonely in an orphanage.  When you get adopted you can have a mommy and daddy love you.  When you have family you are able to do more things not like in the orphanage.  You can eat what you want and not the same things over and over and people always feed you.  You no go hungry.

    Maybe sometimes people think orphanages are good but they are not good it is awful.  Kids come to the orphanage and they become really, really sad.  When you get a family, you are not alone anymore.

    My mama show me pictures of lots of kids that need adopted.  I want to help them get a family that is what Jasmine’s Dream is.  My daddy say my dream is “a family for every child”.  I see a picture of a little girl she is so little and cute.  She can use her knees but she has to crawl.  Me and mama had a conversation.  I said, “Mama, can we adopt her?”  Mama said, “No, we can’t anymore.  We have lots of kids.”  I said, “She is a very pretty little girl.  You would like her mama.”  Mama said, “It hurts my heart.  I can’t look at her anymore.”  I said, “Don’t be afraid.  Maybe she is our sister.  We can help her find a family but I think she is our child.”  Mama tell me she will not talk to me about it right now.

    If people want to adopt, I say, “Don’t be afraid just go for it!”

    Elyse (9, adopted 9 months ago) – Adoption is good because there is daughters and sons who needs a mommy and a daddy.  Children are happy when family is together.  Some people don’t have to adopt but there are very sad girls and boys that need a mom and dad so if you want to please adopt.

    I think Jesus said we can adopt a little girl.  She is 7.  She is sick like me and Gracie and Jasmine.  I think she is my little sister.  I don’t care if we adopt 1, 2, or 3.  I wish she had a family.  She is very sad and looks like me.  I wish that many children could be adopted.  I will make birds for little girls so they can have a wish to have a family.

    I saw another little girl who was very tiny, very, very tiny.  She was some where not China.  I can’t believe she was 5.  She was so tiny.  I wish she could have a family.  I wish she could have a very good family like us.  I don’t want her to die.  I hope she has family that love her so much.


    Last time mama show me that picture.  I was so very sad.  I hope some people find her and let her have family.  She should not be so little and so sad.

    Gracie (10 years old) – People should adopt because no mother and no father is too old and no child should be without a father and mother.  Children need families and people who love them to grow up and be happy.  It is really fun to have a lot of siblings to play with.

    You get to take care of a child who doesn’t have a family and you get to let them know what love is.  It would be nice if families could always care for their children but it doesn’t sometimes happen.  When it doesn’t happen, is when adoption is good.  We should help families stay together but if someone doesn’t have a family we should be there for them.  I think this is what Jesus would want.

    I hope you think about adoption and how happy you can make some boys and girls.

    I think they make some good points so I will post it because I want others to understand that they want to do more.  They want us to do more.  They make me a better person.  The stretch me and how much we can do.  They have a big goal to help 1,000 orphans and I believe they will accomplish this goal.  it is such an honor and privilege to be their mama.

    mama and girls