• When it rains it pours….

    Date: 2013.05.22 | Category: China 2013 | Tags:

    We went to the consulate today to finish the paperwork to get the children’s visas.  Tomorrow we should get the visas late in the afternoon.  The van will be here to get us bright and early Friday morning.  5 a.m.way to early to to have myself ready let alone four kids and 9 bags.   Oh well, it means we are heading home. I miss my babies so much!  We  will touch down at 6:30 p.m. Friday night.

    I know how happy I’ll be but I’m sure no one will be as relieved as Zachary.  Yesterday he had to rush my mom to the ER for emergency surgery.  I don’t believe he will ever let us leave again.  Mom ended up having a perforated gastric ulcer.  She is recovering and feeling much better.  Zach, will be on his own for a few days.  A special thanks to Zach’s girlfriend, Stephanie, for stepping in and taking care of all the kids while Zach was with my mom.  That was quite an initiation into the family.  Hopefully, they didn’t scare her off.  🙂

    Please keep my boy and my mama in your prayers.