• Waiting….again….

    Date: 2012.02.17 | Category: Benjamin, Grace, Maisey | Tags:

    I was so happy when they said that we would be leaving on the 29th.  The agency said it was really short notice, but they wanted to get us there as soon as possible.  I didn’t know what to do.  For one thing, Grace has her chemo on the 29th.  I hate to not be there.  In reality, she has done so well.  Her hair has thinned, but she hasn’t lost it all.  She gets a little sick to her stomach, but has only thrown up once.  Thanks in part to Zofran!  Dan will just get back from his work related trip, but we could make it work.  We e-mailed everyone.  We rearranged everything only to have the agency say that we can’t leave until March 7-9.  WHAT?  More waiting? I am so tired of waiting. Yes, I believe in God’s perfect timing.  Yes, I believe in His perfect plan.  Yes, I am still human and am still working on perfecting my patience. 🙂

    The truth of the matter is I do want to be here for Gracie and it is only one more week.  An extra 7 more days.  168 more hours.  Though it’s depressing that I won’t be back for Gracie’s birthday on March 23rd.   It’s her 7th birthday and she is so excited.  What a great gift that would have been….well, I guess will be.   We’ll only be a couple days late.  Then our family will be together – well, almost everyone will be here.  That is a whole other story for another time.

    We are coming little ones.  We are so close now.  19 more days…