• Updates on Evie

    Date: 2013.08.06 | Category: Evangeline Faith | Tags:

    Hey everyone, this is Zach. I just wanted to pass along a quick update on Evie’s cardiac cath today. The good news is that her pulmonary arteries are much larger that we initially thought. However, the bad news is that the doctors deemed placing a stent in her PDA to be too risky. While opening the PDA up with the stent would improve blood flow, there’s a high risk that they could create a tear in the PDA, which would be fatal. Evie’s heart is in a dangerous state right now, because almost all of the blood flows though one narrow channel. If that channel were to clot, there’s nowhere else for the blood to pass through. Because of this, the surgeons are now considering an open-heart procedure to place a BT shunt that will help redirect blood flow.

    Evie is currently recovering from the cath, and should be released from the hospital later this afternoon. The plan beyond that is to schedule the surgery for as soon as we can.

    Thank you, everyone, for your continued prayers. As her big brother, it truly is comforting to know that she is on the hearts and minds of so many.