• Adoption Questions (Our Older Girls)

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    A friend asked me if the girls had ever talked about what they were told before being adopted, what they thought adoption would be like, and how they feel about it now.  The girls often talk about how they felt before being adopted, how they felt when we met in China, how they felt when they first came home, and how they feel now, but I’ve never put in my blog.  I am going to pose these questions to Jasmine, age 17 – adopted at age 14, Elyse, age 10 – adopted at age 9, Jessica, age 8 – adopted age 8 and write their answers below.

    What were you told by the nannies about adoption before you were adopted?

    Jasmine – Adoption means you get a daddy and a mama.  They won’t do anything for you.  They will tell you to do lots of hard stuff like cooking, cleaning, dig dirt.  You have to be very good.  If you are not good, then they will sell you.  The other people will buy you and you will have to do even harder work or they will send you back to China.  If you come back to China, they will treat you like a pig because you are so fat and covered with hair.

    Elyse – The nannies said that Americans have so much money.  They will give you whatever you want.  They told me it would be great and I should be happy to get to go to America where everyone has lots of stuff.

    Jessica – The nannies say I will have so much money and my parents can buy me so many toys and stuff that I want.

    What did you think adoption/having a family would be like?

    JasmineI had a grandma who cared for me until I was 8.  I sort of knew what a family meant.  I thought I would work hard for the family and maybe they would love me a little bit and be proud of me just a little bit because I helped them.  I just wanted to have a family so I didn’t have to just sit with old people in an institution.

    Elyse – I was in foster care so I knew what it was like having a family.  I thought the people would like me and I would work hard for them.  I thought that the family could help me be able to walk.  The nannies tell me that if I can walk and have babies, then maybe someone will love me and I will have great worth.  Before when I see people come to adopt children, I saw great love but I am not really sure what love is but I think that is what I see.

    Jessica – I don’t know what family is. I was scared because I don’t know what family means but I really want a mama and daddy.  (When I asked her how she knew what a mama and daddy were, she said that she didn’t know.  It was much like a story that she hoped was true.  Elyse said she meant a fairytale.)

    When and how did they tell you that you had a family coming to adopt you?

    JasmineThe boss came in one day and he said “You have a family adopting you.  They really like you.  In a couple months, they will come get you.”  The nannies all cheered because they wouldn’t have to take care of me any more.  They drank beer and celebrated by eating really good food because I would be leaving.  The big kids and the nannies laughed and said, “You are so fat.  We should cook you and eat you.”   I was upstairs by myself and they took a picture of the party and brought it up to me.  I almost cried but I was just happy that I had a family coming to get me.  I had almost given up that anyone would come.  Anything had to be better than this.  The nannies often offered to help me die.  I didn’t want to die.  Family had to be better.

    Elyse The helper of the boss said that I had a family come in a couple days, but it was a very long time that I wait.  She said you will have good family.  She showed me pictures.  She said there is a lot of people in your family.  Other people say it must be an orphanage or a foster home that I am going to.  After I get home, it was a long time before I realized my family was a family and not a foster home.

    Jessica – A girl who is the boss of everything tells me that I have a family coming.  They said that she was so happy that I can go to America.  They were happy that they don’t have to take care of me anymore because I am not good girl and do stuff that is not good and they are tired of taking care of me.

    What did the caregivers say the day you got adopted?

    JasmineThe nannies said I had to be very good or mama and daddy would send me back.  The nannies told me that mama and daddy wouldn’t want me when they saw I couldn’t walk so I had to be extra good.  They told me that if I didn’t get adopted that I would go to the old people place where I can’t have wheelchair.  I would just have to sit on the floor with the crazy old people.  No one would feed me and I would die.

    Elyse – They told me that today is the day you can meet your family.  You will get to walk when you get to America. They tell me that I have to call them.  One girl said that the family would be good to me.  I was very scared.  I kept wondering what this family be like.

    Jessica – They got all my stuff together and they said I was going goodbye.  They told me they would see me later.  I was very, very scared.

    What did you think when you first met your mom and dad?

    JasmineDaddy is so tall and mama has curly, yellow hair.  Mama is so pretty.  I had never seen American people.  Mama and daddy were so nice.  They acted like they cared about me.  They let me pick what I wanted to eat.  I had KFC and Coke.  I couldn’t believe they let me pick my food.  They let me have two glasses of pop.  I wonder why they be so good to me?

    It was so funny to be hugged.  I don’t know what a hug is.  Mama took my arms and put them around her.  I really, really liked to be hugged but it was weird at first.   Mama and daddy said over and over again, “WoAiNi”.  In China you only say, “I love you” if you are dating or married, but mama and daddy say it over and over again. Mama and daddy seem so happy to be with me.  I can hardly believe it.

    Elyse – (Dad wasn’t able to travel on this trip.)  I thought my mama was Stephanie’s mom.  When I found out that she wasn’t grandma but mama I was upset because I don’t want an overweight mama. (Elyse is crying as she says this because it upsets her so that she judged me by China standards.) In China I was told that being overweight was bad and we made fun of people who were fat.   Mama hug me and say “WoAiNi” and I don’t understand what those things are.  I don’t know love but mama show me love.  By the night, I wanted mama to sleep with me because I was scared to be by myself.

    Jessica –  I thought daddy was so tall.  I was so afraid.  Mama held me and I like it but I am was afraid to like it.  I don’t remember some stuff because I was so afraid.

    What did you think about America when you first got here?

    Jasmine Americans eat really weird food like burritos and sandwiches.  They use a fork and knife to eat their food.  I only use chopstick in China.  But I like to use a fork because it is so easy.  I can drink as much as I want.  In China, I can only have two little glasses of water a day because the nannies don’t want to take me to the bathroom, but in America I can drink more.

    I never knew people could drive.  It was so weird to drive around in the car.  I thought the only people who had cars drove taxi.  Mama and daddy had change in the front of their car in the cupholder so I thought daddy was a taxi driver, but I didn’t understand because daddy said he was a doctor.

    Elyse – There is so much food and I have lots of sisters and brothers.  I have lots of clothes and toys.  In orphanage, I never get to pick my clothes but now I have my own.  I liked most of the food and I was so happy that they have corn, fish and lots of fruit.  I came home right at Christmas time and it was crazy.  I don’t know what Christmas means.  It was fun with family and presents and laughing.  Daddy let me fall asleep on his lap.  Daddy tell me that Christmas is about God’s birthday.   I didn’t understand what God means.  Family treat me really good and I am really happy and I really like it.

    Jessica – I do not like America food.  I like the house.  I did not want to be around anyone except Grace and Elyse in my room.  I was so scared all the time.  Everyone is so much bigger than me.  I feel like I don’t deserve stuff or that people will not like me.

    What do you think about adoption now?

    Jasmine (home 3 1/2 years)I think adoption is a great thing.  I like my big family.  I have a really big family and lots of people to love me.  Having a big family is fun.  We can have big parties.  I am so happy that I was adopted.  Everything the nannies told me before being adopted was a lie.  Now I can live my life and figure out my purpose.  I want to help many, many kids get adopted.

    Elyse (home 1 1/2 years) – I like adoption.  I wish all kids could get adopted and see how it feels to be loved.  Before I meet my sisters and brothers I don’t know what it will be like but I am so happy that I have family to play with and have a mommy and daddy.  Family is so very good.  I think family treat me really good.  They always hug me and kiss me.  I can not walk but they tell me I can do anything.  I wish I could tell all kids to not be scared about adoption.  It is a very good thing.  I hope people will understand how scared the kids are.

    Jessica (home 6 months) – I like family.  I like be loved.  I like that no one tells me I’m smelly or bad or that they don’t want to help me.   Mama never be mad that she has to help with my tube or pick me up or help change me.  Mama never say I am smelly.  Mama and daddy say I am beautiful and smart and sweet.  I like the way I feel inside when mama and daddy hug me.  I like that mama carry me places.  Adoption is good.