• Thoughts from Elyse

    Date: 2017.03.07 | Category: Elyse | Tags:

    Today I had a MRI for my back.  It felt very scary.  In the orphanage when I had to go to the hospital or for tests, they always left me alone.  In the MRI I was alone.  I didn’t know my mom could come in.   I was scared.   I did not like feeling like I did in China.

    I don’t like to be left alone.  It made me really upset and I cried.  I do not want to ever be alone again.  I love my mom and dad.  I always think they are my real parents.   If I don’t have my mom and dad, life would be so scary.  Mom and dad told me all about MRI so I wouldn’t be scared.

    I didn’t know mom could come in.  My brother, Liam, had a MRI too.  He has spina bifida too.   He cried and they let mom come in.  They let mama hold Liam’s hand so he would not be scared and don’t feel alone.  This is the first time mama didn’t go in.   Mama and daddy both waited for me.  They always love me.  They always care about us.  I was not scared in the MRI after awhile because I knew mama and daddy would never leave me alone or let someone hurt me.

    When we get hurt mama and daddy always hug us, talk to us, and help us get better so we won’t be upset.  Mama and daddy changed my life.  Mama and daddy tell me I can do everything.   Don’t listen to what China says because it’s not true.  Now I know who I should trust or who not to trust.

    I have fun with mama and daddy.  We ate breakfast at McDonalds and mama and daddy buy us food we like.  My love language is to hug me and to say “I love you” so they do it all the time so that I know they love me very much.