• The reasons I lost my heart….

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    It was so unbelievable being there with all those little kids.  My heart hurt leaving them there.  Dan says we should share their pictures and find them families.  Has God been tugging at your heart?  Take a look maybe a picture will steal your heart too.

    China 2013 467

    Cassie’s favorite.  If only she had a pocket….

    China 2013 468

    Mema’s favorite.  She had him jumping up and down and giggling so much.

    China 2013 462

    The little one who stole Dan’s heart…..

    China 2013 444

    Entering the orphanage.

    China 2013 478

    Her SpongeBob room.

    China 2013 485

    The view from her window.

    China 2013 481

    Some of her friends waiting to say hi.

    China 2013 499

    Nannies, teachers, director,  family and friends.

    China 2013 506

    This boy is a charmer.  He kissed Cassie right on the cheek.

    China 2013 527

    Handing out clothes to all her friends.  Mr. Charmer went straight for the spiderman jacket.  It was just like Christmas morning.

    China 2013 551

    What did I tell you?  Mr. C.H.A.R.M.I.N.G!!!!!

    China 2013 554

    This little guy leaves for America in a week.  His family is very, very lucky.  What a sweetheart.   Gave me a bunch of hugs!

    China 2013 559

    The schoolroom funded by Love Without Boundaries.  They were very, very proud of their schoolroom.

    China 2013 571

    The two girls Shuang (Sh-wong) shared a room with.

    China 2013 575

    The tall girl in pink stole my heart.  She sat on her chair and looked sad.  I’m not sure if it was because Shuang was leaving or the fact that she wanted a family too or a little bit of both.  She came and sat by me.  She kept scooting closer and closer and when I put my arm around her she laid her head on my shoulder.  I put bows in her hair and wept when I left.

    China 2013 591

    Just had to add the pictures of the kids sitting on the guardrail on their long trek home.  It doesn’t seem that bad from this picture, but when you consider what the hills really looked like….

    China 2013 304