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    I took the dogs to get their shots the other day.  The vet looked the dogs over and mentioned that Snickers needed a tooth cleaning.  I said, “I know. We discussed this last time.”  He looked at me as if I was the worst pet owner ever and started to lecture me on why spending the $1,000 for a tooth cleaning was necessary.  Most of the time, I just go about my business but this time I decided I was going to tell him what I have been up to these last two years and see what he said.

    Two trips to China were we’ve adopted six children.

    (I left off that three had worse medical needs then we thought.)

    We’ve had two heart surgeries and four heart catherizations.

    (I left off the two dental surgeries and the fact we had to travel to Boston & Stanford for the heart surgeries.)

    My mom spent months in the ICU.

    My mom died, my stepdad died, my grandfather died.

    My brother-in-law had a massive stroke.

    My son got married.

    And add to that what we have coming up during the next four months and it wasn’t likely that the dogs would be getting in any time soon.

    We have two upcoming surgeries. (Eli on 9/17 and Evie on 10/20.)

    We leave for China in 9-12 weeks for the adoption of Max and Elyse.

    Jasmine has back surgery in January for her scoliosis.

    I didn’t want pity.  I just wanted him to understand that sometimes there are reasons people don’t do something and it has nothing to do with how much they care about their pets.  I told him I promised to get the dog’s teeth cleaned as soon as I could, but for now it was just going to have to wait.

    As he left the room, the tech looked at me and said, “I think just one of those would have been a good enough excuse.”

    The vet was very kind and understanding.  He told me to just schedule it as soon as time allowed.

    But it got me to thinking about the fact that we should all be patient with each other.  None of us knows what the other is going through.  I’ve often shared the story of running into a lady with my cart at Wal-Mart not long after Kyle died.  I just sat there and stared at her and then started crying.  She was so angry and I couldn’t say a word.  She must have thought I had lost my mind.

    We are all going through something aren’t we?

    A family member had a stroke,

    a heart attack,

    was just diagnosed with cancer,

    family members die,

    children run away,

    marriages fall apart,

    drugs and alcohol take their toll,

    the lists go on and on.

    How much better would this world be if we gave everyone the benefit of the doubt?

    What if they are having a bad day, a bad week, or what if they are just rude.  It has nothing to do with you.  It’s like I always tell the kids, people can say what they want, it only becomes an issue if you believe what they are saying.

    I learned long ago that people will judge.  It’s what they do.  It’s human nature. Sometimes people do it to make themselves feel better.  Sometimes people do it because they truly believe they know what is best for everyone.   I have seen and heard it all.

    People have an issue with us homeschooling.

    People have an issue with us adopting four at once.

    People have an issue with us adopting too many children with health issues.

    People have an issue with us being older.

    People worry about what we are doing to our other children.

    Heck, we even have a neighbor who is upset that we can’t keep up with our yardwork as well as we should because we have too many kids.

    Seriously? Sometimes you just have to let people be.  Especially people who don’t even know you or your family.   Let them talk.  Let them criticize.  And then take the time to pray for them.

    Years ago this would have driven me crazy.   I would have lost sleep over it, but not anymore.  Would you like to know why?  Because I gave up caring what others thought and started living my life for God.   I am accountable to only one.  I can’t imagine on my last day standing before God and having Him criticize me for caring about a sick child or stepping out in faith and adopting four at once.  I doubt that God cares about my yard or the shape that it is in.

    God knows we love our children.

    They are thriving.

    Will everyone get to go out for three different sports each month?  Nope!

    Will they get three meals and snacks and special treats?  Yep!

    Will they get to go to a private college?  Nope.

    Will they get an education, one that they were not even guaranteed in their previous years?  Yep!  Assuredly!

    Will they have every toy and electronic gadget they could ever hope to have?  Nope!

    Will they be loved and treasured and cherished until the day they leave this earth.   You bet they will!

    Which brings me to my second thought.  As we prepare to leave this morning for Eli’s surgery, I’m remembering all the people who do care.  The people who have covered us in prayer, our church family, the people who have brought meals and sent cards and encouragement and to my neighbor on the other side, who my children adore, thank you for helping me mow our crazy over run lawn.  Dan and I both say, “Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!”

    Eli needs this surgery.  His oxygen sats have dropped.  He is much bluer.  We knew this day was going to come.  We can not put it off any longer.  I know that He is good hands.  Dr. Hanley is the best at this surgery.   At the end of the day, we will know we did everything possible to give him the best shot at life.  Eli is a wonderful soul.  He is sweet and courageous and so very funny.  If you haven’t already done so, check out our page on Facebook  “Seriously Blessed by Adoption”.  You can see Eli spell his name and his siblings names.  If you don’t have Facebook, I’ll give you a hint, every word is spelled B-E-N.

    Thank you for the prayers that have covered our little boy throughout the past year.   He has been such a blessing.  Yes, this year has been hard but it has been so unbelievably awesome too.  I am so thankful the words of the world didn’t keep us from following where God was leading.  God is good.  He is faithful and trustworthy.  He has blessed us in ways we couldn’t even imagine.  No matter what happens, I have no regrets.   Dan and I feel extremely blessed to be on this journey with Eli.