• Texts from Momma

    Date: 2012.03.12 | Category: Adoption | Tags:

    Notes from Mom: These are texts from our conversations about the babies. So if they’re short and don’t flow, that’s why.

    “Ben is only in 18 months and Maisey is in 12 months. They truly are the sweetest. Haven’t heard Ben talk yet but he giggles & giggles. Mei mei loves to read & chatters all the time; but when she doesn’t want something she turns her head to the side & gives you this big drama queen thing. She’s so you girl’s. :)I love them so much. Our babies truly needed saving. Ben gets out of breath just giggling. Mei mei is bruised and skinny…but she looks at you with those big puss in boots eyes & your heart just melts. She has long lashes & this huge grin. They just want to be loved. We picked them up at the office & they wouldn’t let go.

    Daddy saw him at the door & cried. It was so sweet. I don’t know with Maisey. Her facial stuff makes her eat a bit slower, and shes got a tiny little mouth 🙂 Ben’s is partly due to his heart I’m sure. Thy ate non-stop for a couple of hours yesterday. Daddy bribed Benji with M&M’s. When we go downstairs I’ll send more videos. The one with Ben laughing is hysterical. He sounded like he hadn’t laughed in years; Then he wouldn’t stop. He brought me cards & laughed with each one. Ben already figured out the push button on the I phone video. They weren’t just starving for food. They are starving for attention. Mei mei already signed more a couple of times. M looks like she’s 12 months old. Mei doesn’t like dolls either. 🙂 Oh & mei said dada. You’re daddy was a goner after that!

    Yep. Ben doesn’t talk. But mei mei sings. 🙂 “