• Step 3 Complete

    Date: 2014.03.28 | Category: Adoption | Tags:

    There have been some interesting turn of events with the two girls I have written about earlier.

    We have received pre-approval for adopting Kelly so step three is completed.  There has been a small bump in the road, in that Kelly is deciding whether she wants to be adopted or not.  She is fearful about leaving China.  She doesn’t want to leave the only family she has ever known at Agape.  She has asked for some time to pray about it.   We want to honor her wishes even though I do so with a heavy heart.

    I have already pictured her here.  I know that we could give her a good life, full of love, but she has to want that too.  It was easier with Jasmine.  Jasmine came from a really bad situation, went to an orphanage where she was cared for but not necessarily loved like family, and was going to age out into a horrible situation.  She had been told by the orphanage that the place she would be going to would hit her and not feed her and she would just be left to sit in a corner without a chair. She has shared some information with us this past month that has been beyond heartbreaking.  We knew from the scars that cover her body that someone had done her harm, but to hear her confirm what we thought to be true has been horrible.  The fact that she is still such a sweet soul is beyond belief.  Needless to say, Jasmine was beyond ready to take a chance on our family and all that America had to offer.

    Which brings me back to Kelly, it goes to show that there are better ways to care for children who have lost their homes.  Institutionalized care, which can be cold and unloving, does nothing to help a child feel secure, cared for, and loved.  Foster homes and homes such as Agape Family Life House do their best to make the child feel loved and to provide the very best care that they can.  Agape has been Kelly’s home for a very long time and she is fearful about leaving.  We want her to want to come to America and be part of our family but we will not force her to come just because we can.

    The other part of this situation is when we get to China Kelly has to sign the form agreeing to the adoption.  We could pay the fees, travel all the way to China, and she could refuse to sign the papers.  We want to be absolutely sure that this is what she wants before we proceed.  We are continuing with all the paperwork so that we are ready to proceed if she says yes.

    We have decided that no matter what we will adopt again.  I would actually like to adopt two again.  I think fourteen children has a nice ring to it.  🙂 Partially because when my father-in-law was alive we always talked about the number seven and it’s biblical meaning.  Seven is a holy number.  It’s one of the reasons we do Operation Christmas Child boxes in groups of seven.  It’s a way of honoring my father-in-law and to remember to keep God’s principles in everything we do.  I’m sure that will seem funny to lots of people, but it’s always had special meaning to me.

    When we talked with our social worker about how many children to list, I asked her if we could list two just in case.  Many people have commented on us adopting again and having a baker’s dozen.  I like the number 14 much better than 13 though for so many reasons.  Our social worker sent me this from a devotional and I think 2014 could be a wonderful year for 14 children.  🙂

    2014 is a powerful year of “Double Portion.”

    The number “7” means “Perfection.”

    The number “14” means “Double Perfection”…a Double Portion!

    Isaiah 61:7 “Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.”

    I must admit I really like that.

    The second thing that we learned was that Amanda, the other young woman that I wrote about, has a family looking at her file.  They are very interested in adopting her and giving her a chance at family.  I pray that Amanda gets her wish of going to college and finally having a family.  Here is her video again.  They have been showing it on Twentyless.com   You can watch the video here  Amanda   Please join me in praying for this family as they decide and for Amanda as she waits.

    There are just so many children who are waiting for families.  I would ask you again to pray about where God is leading you in this matter.  Do you have an extra room in your house?  Do you have extra love?  Do you enjoy children?  Don’t let the what if’s stop you.  What if I can’t raise the money?  What if it’s more than we thought it would be?  What if …..  God will provide.  Please consider what your part in caring for the orphans should be.