• Short Update on Eli

    Date: 2013.03.15 | Category: Adoption, Elijah | Tags:

    Not sure where to start so I will just say God is so good!  As if we all didn’t know that already. I wanted to take a moment to share our good news for those of you following our adoption story.  Today we got the news that our adoption agency received a letter from the orphanage director in regard to Eli.  This letter stated that the director felt that Eli needed to get to the U.S. for treatment as soon as possible and that surgical intervention was not possible in China.  All along we have been praying that China would allow us to adopt four based on the fact that Eli needs treatment quickly and this letter confirms everything we have said.  We know that we have an unusual home situation because Dan works from home during the week;  Zach and Cassie are here helping every day; and my mom and Linda (Dan’s mom) both can be here at a moment’s notice (well, 90 minutes if you get technical).

    How amazing is God that this letter would show up right before they present our petition to the CCCWA?  The person who is going to present the petition was on vacation until the 15th, which means she wouldn’t be back to work until the 18th.  I remember last week when they called to tell us this and all I could think was “Really?  She’s going to be on vacation for a week?  It will delay us for another week.”  BUT if she hadn’t been on vacation, we wouldn’t have had this very important piece of information.  Another reminder that God knows and I just have to have faith.  I’m feeling very blessed right now and  I’m feeling at peace!  God’s will will be done and I will trust in the outcome. God’s plan and His timing are perfect.  For this to work out, God’s hand must be in every part of the situation.  As Linda said this morning, “I have been praying that God’s glory will shine through this situation with Eli!”  Amen to that!  Hoping to hear soon.

    P.S.  I know Eli is my son. I have no doubts about that.  All we are figuring out is whether we get him this trip or on an expedited trip back to China in a few months.

    Thought I’d share the new pics of Min, Lainey, and Evie that we got this week too.