• Please let me clarify…

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    Clarifying…it’s one of the things I do well.  🙂  I use the word clarify almost as much as I use the word seriously. That is part of the back story to why my blog is called Seriously Blessed.  If you know me very well, you might have even  heard a couple Holy Toledo’s too.  Don’t ask.

    I sometimes think I am explaining things very clearly and then I start to get texts and Facebooks messages. When more than a couple people asked questions, I realized I may not have been as clear as I thought I was.  So I will clarify a bit further here and then we will see if there are still questions.

    I do believe God is showing us clear signs that we are to adopt an almost aging out child.  I do believe there may be more than one more Ellsbury child out there.  There have been many more little signs that I didn’t include like yesterdays fortune cookie which was pretty funny.


    I do believe God showed me their pictures to show me how many lovely girls there are out there that are running out of time.   The odds of us being able to get our paperwork done in time to adopt them is pretty unlikely.

    I forget that not everyone who reads my blog has adopted or knows someone who has adopted.   You have to start from the very beginning each time you adopt.  This is a big sore spot for me.  The homestudy has to be done again and it takes a good month.  You have to do fingerprinting all over again for the homestudy and then again for the immigration office.  It took us 2 months to get Codey’s fingerprints cleared last time.  It takes most families a good year to get everything in order from start to finish. I don’t really understand it.  It’s not like we haven’t had follow-up home studies all year or that my fingerprints have changed sinced last year.  It’s one of the things about adoption and all the bureaucratic red tape that I will never understand.  I understand wanting to protect the child but we have been under the microscope for two years now.  We aren’t new to the system.

    One of the girls has five months.  We can try to expedite, but as I said before, it would take a miracle.  Not that I don’t believe that God could do it.  Obviously, He is in the miracle business.  I just believe it may not happen because that may not be His ultimate plan.  I want her to have a family.  She deserves a family.  I want her picture to get out there so others who may be paper ready see her.  She was recently added to Reece’s Rainbow so that should help.

    The reason we are really praying about this and have talked about it being overly complicated is that we have three children having heart surgeries in the next couple of months.  Jasmine needs surgery before the summer is out.   Life is definitely complicated.

    I have been in this situation before having my heart really touched by a child and having to turn it over to God and just pray.  Each and every time a family has found them.  My heart has been burdened.  I have cried many tears and prayed many prayers.   I’ve shared their pictured and hoped a family would choose them.  A family did and now I watch them blossom and grow with that new family.   I don’t always understand why He burdens our hearts so, but God works in mysterious ways sometimes.

    Yes, these girls have touched my heart but I am unsure as to what will ultimately happen.  It doesn’t mean we won’t start the paperwork.  It doesn’t mean I am saying no.  It just means I have no idea what God has planned but I am open to His lead.

    Many people have questioned why we are not waiting.  I just assumed everyone understood that it takes time.  We won’t be adopting in the next month or two.  If everything went unbelievably perfect, we would have a good five months before anything happened.  We are taking everything into consideration.  We are prayerfully considering everything.  I shared my story hoping to encourage others about looking for the signs that God sends us.  I believe He is saying there is more in store for our family.

    That being said if you feel God nudging you in the direction of adoption, don’t let fear stop you.  Let Him lead.  If God brings you to it, He will get you through it.  You have to believe that nothing is impossible.  Yes, adoption costs a lot, but I have seen Him provide in amazing ways.  Yes, there are unknowns, but the blessings are unbelievable.   If God is leading you to a little boy, have I got the sweetest little guy for you to meet.   If I believed God was leading us to a toddler, I would have the paperwork started already.  This little boy has stolen my heart so much so I didn’t even want to share his picture.  Although, he has been seen by thousands of people on the Love Without Boundaries site so I suppose I’m out of luck keeping him a secret.  🙂

    Be prepared to have your heart stolen.  This little guy is a cutie.  Herakles

    There are so many children needing families.  Pray, contemplate, let God lead, watch for those signs.  It’s a pretty amazing journey.  I’ll be letting you know what the next signs on this amazing trip are for us.  Keep praying!