• One of the most awesome days ever…

    Date: 2012.04.19 | Category: Maisey | Tags:

    This has truly been the most amazing day.  The ENT office called and after fighting with our insurance company, making a billion calls, and talking with the BAHA people, they decided to let us have a loaner.  We went in and they placed it on her head. The processor (hearing aid) clips onto this little pink headband ($160 headband).  We will leave my medical complaints until another day because today is too wonderful.  They turned it to the lowest setting and we said her name.  She proceeded to cry and laid her head on my shoulder and just sobbed.  BUT THEN Dan said, “I love you Maisey” and she figured out what was going on.  They slowly turned it up while we played with many noise making toys to see if anything upset her.  She did great.  Nothing really stressed her out.

    When we walked out of the office, she heard a bunch of cars on the interstate.  The office is right by Interstate 235.  She just stopped and her little mouth dropped and she pointed at the cars.  She kept pointing and looking and me and pointing some more and smiling really big.  It was the best moment.  Truly the best.  Then she heard a bird and her head turned straight towards the sound and she laughed.

    We celebrated with a stop at a local convenience store to grab her favorite powdered sugar donuts.  She placed one in each hand and celebrated with great gusto.  We went home and she played the guitar and was so happy.  We played music on the I-phone and she danced and sang.

    Tonight when she took her bath we had to take off the headband.  She was so upset and she usually loves her bath.  She kept pointing at her headband and signing please.  She hasn’t touched her headband all day long.  It fell down to her neck once and she signed please to have it put back on.  I think it is official my girl likes to hear. This mommy is one unbelievably happy and blessed mommy.  What a wonderful thing to get to be a part of.  Praise God!