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    As we get ready to leave, I am thinking and feeling many things.   I am nervous to meet our new children.  William has known for a little bit that we are coming so hopefully he will be a little prepared.  I am not so sure with Jessica.  I have heard that her orphanage often doesn’t tell them until the day they leave for the Registration Office.  Hopefully, with all the mamas that have been taking her picture for her new parents, she understands what is happening.  Friends of ours e-mailed our family picture to the orphanage so hopefully she knows what we look like too.

    I love the new pictures we got of Jessica.


    These children are so brave.  They will leave everything they have ever known and trust us to take care of them.   Can you imagine leaving with people who look different than you, who speak a different language, and trying to make sense of it all?  Every time it has been different.  Mostly it has gone well and for that we are thankful.   We have been amazed at how quickly they have come to us and settled in.  There are a whole lot of reasons for this and some of those reasons break my heart but I am happy they feel safe with Dan and I.

    It is really hard to show up at that Registration Office and meet your new child, who you have loved for months and months, but they don’t know you and they might not necessarily like you.  That is to be expected.  They don’t know you.   It’s hard to put yourself on the line and put your feelings aside.  It’s hard not to take things personally.  You are tired and nervous and anxious and so many other emotions.  You’ve traveled 15 hours in a cramped plane.  You’ve waited so long and it’s almost here.  You haven’t slept well.  The day when you meet is emotionally draining.  It’s a hard day on everyone’s hearts.  It starts early in the morning as you wait to go.  By the time you get to the office you are a bundle of nerves.  You don’t want to scare them but you want to hold them and let them know how much you love them.  To this day I can not watch videos of those meetings without crying.  It takes me right back to that moment.

    I was thinking about all the emotions I have been feeling and thought it would be fun to find out how the kids are feeling.  I asked them one simple question. As mommy and daddy get ready to leave to get Jessica and William, how are you feeling.

    CASSIE – I’m just hoping everyone stays in one piece while you are gone.  I can’t wait to see the little guys!

    HOPE – Help me!  Hurry home!

    JASMINE – I feel so happy that you are going to get my sister and brother but I feel sad because I will miss mommy and daddy.  I’m so excited to finally see them.

    GRACIE – Ahhhhhhh…..  I’m so happy that you are going to get my sister and my brother.  I want Jessica and William to be happy and know that their family loves them.

    ELYSE – I feel so good that you are getting Jessica and William.  I’m a little bit stressed because I just want mama and daddy to come home.  I hope that William and Jessica like us.  Thank you so much for getting my sister and brother.

    BENJAMIN – So excited to get William and Jessica.  I’m really happy because you are going to be home as quick as soon.  Everybody loves William and Jessica.

    Max – (thumbs up)

    MAISEY –  I’m so excited.  I will miss you.

    EVIE – Sad because I will miss mommy and daddy.  I so excited to get them. They are going to play with me!

    ELI – I want you to get my buddy William.  I want to play with Jessica even though she not a boy.  I miss you.

    I think the consensus is we are supposed to hurry home!   I couldn’t agree more.  I just want to have us all together under one roof.

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    Please pray for their little hearts as they adjust to their new lives.

    We will be updating soon.