• Note From My Momma

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    From Mom, to me, to you 🙂

    “I think the scariest thing here is the driving. So many people & cars everywhere. There are 20 million people in the city with another 10 million coming in to work. We went to a silk factory. Watching how they do it was amazing. We also went through a Jade factory. Dan bought me a “happiness ball”. It’s very pretty. It means family that can’t be torn apart. I love hearing everyone’s stories. The way God works in people’s lives is amazing. They way He brings people together – awe inspiring. Believe it or not we aren’t the biggest family here. One gentlemen is picking up number 7 while his wife is at home with number 8 still waiting to be born. We leave in the morning [Remember, they are 10 hours ahead of us: it’s 530 on Sunday morning there:)] to get ready to pick up our little ones. I realized yesterday that since they are the same size everyone will assume they are twins. Dan says it’s a gift. I’m not so sure. Something’s are still really painful even after all these years. I will try hard to not cry if someone comments on that & find joy in second chances.”