• My Mother’s Day Wishes

    Date: 2014.05.11 | Category: Adoption, Faith | Tags:

    I want to wish all the mamas I know a very Happy Mother’s Day!

    I want to wish peace to those who are waiting to become a mother for the first time or are in the process again.

    I want to wish comfort to those, like me, who are missing their mothers so much, not just today, but everyday.

    I pray for eyes to be open to all the children who are longing for a mother.

    I pray for hearts to hear the call of the Lord to care for these hurting souls.

    I pray for homes to be open to foster children in need.

    I pray for encouragement and help for mothers in our communities, near or far, who need a helping hand.

    I pray for the mamas whose children forget them today.

    I pray for the mamas who have had children die.

    I pray for my two sweeties who are not yet with us.

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    Being a mama is the best job I could ever hope for.  I have been blessed over and over again with sweet, wonderful souls that have made my life a better, fuller, brighter, happier place.  They have strengthened my faith and helped me grow in ways I could have never imagined when I first became a mother.  When I was young I wanted to be a nurse, a teacher, and a mother to 12.  I have been all of those things and more during the past 27 years. Every day is Mother’s Day at our house and I am one very blessed mama.  Thank you for making me a mama -Codey, Kyle, Zachary, Cassandra, Hope, Jasmine, Grace, Benjamin, Maisey, Lainey, Evangeline and Elijah.