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    I’ve had quite a few bad Mother’s Days in my life. The first one was when we had the twins.  We had the twins on April 30th, Kyle died May 4th and we buried him on the 7th.  I could have cared less about the holiday that year.  We’ve spent it in the hospital many, many times.  But this year may be one of my hardest, because it is my first Mother’s Day without mom.

    I wish my mother could see our family grow again.  She never asked for much in life…just for us to be happy.   She understood that happy meant content and she taught us that.   She was my children’s biggest cheerleader.  She was my biggest supporter.  She encouraged and cheered and helped you along.  She was a giver, and a cryer over wrongs and sweet stories, and she was a lover of God.

    mom & mema

    She is happy. I am thankful for that and the hope that we have for our future together.  It makes me happy to think of her in heaven, but it still hurts that I can’t pick up that phone and hear her voice.  We talked every single day.  People sometimes looked at me like I was crazy when I would mention that fact, but she was not only my mother she was my friend. I want to be able to share my life with her.  I want her to encourage me when I’m sad and celebrate with me when I am happy.


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    When others said we were crazy to adopt two, she said follow God’s lead.  When others questioned us adopting four the very next year, she told me that I only had God to be accountable to.  When others questioned what it would do to the rest of the children, she would tell others about how caring her grandchildren were precisely because we had adopted.

    boo 2

    She stood by us and supported us while we were in the hospital.  She never questioned us adopting children who would most likely have much shorter lives.  She never questioned us making our lives busier.   In fact, it was her that said housecleaning could always wait.  She liked to tell me that if the only thing people could remember about me when I died was that I had a spotless house, then I was doing something wrong.

    Mom with kids

    Mom’s are important.  That is why my heart breaks for the children who still wait.  Yes, adoption is hard.  Yes, it costs a lot of money.  Yes, there are things wrong with the system.  But God calls us.  Children need a mama to hold their hand and kiss their faces and bandage up booboos, the ones you can see and the ones that are hidden deep within their hearts.

    the littles

    We have received PA for two beautiful little souls that I know my mama would have loved.

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    So in honor of my mama, I want to encourage you to consider being a mama for a child in need. There are many, many ways to do it.   There are hurting souls all over this world.  God calls us to care for them and to not leave them alone.   Please prayerfully consider what you are being called to do.  There’s no better sound in the world than hearing your child say, “I love you.”

    Happy Mother’s Day mama!  I miss you and love you!