• Maisey’s a star….

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    Maisey update – Saw ENT today they are assuming she hears at 60 decibels. Normal talking is about 40 decibels. They are ordering her BAHA. PRAISE THE LORD!

    On a sidenote: Maisey is in a book “The House of Hope” on page 216, they talk about their 1,000th baby helped and it was Maisey. They called her Chaya while she was there.

    Dan and I have been praying about what group to help. I didn’t feel I could start my own foundation. I just don’t have enough time or truly feel that is the right thing to do. We both feel very pulled to help orphans.  Every since we decided to adopt Maisey, God has placed something on our hearts.  We just couldn’t pinpoint what it was.  It is interesting to me that the most painful thing I’ve ever gone through has placed me in the position I am in today. Living through Kyle’s death and fully trusting in the Lord’s plan for Kyle’s life allowed me to open my heart to a child/children with a shortened life span.  I realized this with Hope, when we decided to take a chance.  I felt it even more with Benjamin.  I knew he was my son and I would go through anything for him – just from seeing his picture.  Kyle’s death taught me many life changing lessons. Every day is a blessing.  Every moment is to be treasured.  Don’t take things for granted.  Don’t assume people know you love them.  Trust in the Lord!  Pretty big lessons from a little boy that lived only 5 days.

    When we got back from China I felt something was still missing.  I am supposed to do more.  Over and over again I dreamt that my life is about to change.  I remember thinking I thought my life had already changed.  But I know there is supposed to be more.  Am I supposed to adopt again?  Am I supposed to support some group.  Should I sponsor some orphans through Show Hope.  Should we pay for surgeries?  What is God asking me to do?  I dreamt that I couldn’t find 4 of the 6 children that I adopted from China.  I woke up frantic and in tears.  I think that one freaked Dan out a bit.  Cassie joked that we were like Noah’s ark.  🙂  I keep praying that God will make my path clear.  That He will show me what I am supposed to do.  Our house is chaotic, it’s a mess, there have been blood draws and doctor appointments – why do I feel like there should be more.  It doesn’t make sense yet I feel it to my core.  God is calling.

    I wanted something I felt a personal connection to and here it is.  The Chapman’s and Show Hope obviously have a special place in my heart.  It was Mary Beth’s fault I had adopted in the first place.  lol   Actually, her daughter’s quote about is it better for an orphan to have an older mother or no mother at all was the final deciding factor for me.  I had been dragging my feet thinking I was to old to adopt and then I read her book and God slapped me up along side the head.  I’m sure He gets tired of doing that.    But I wanted something I felt a true personal connection to.  And then it happened.

    I love how God works. I just happened to send a Facebook message to Show Hope thanking them for all their volunteers.  There were tons of posts that day.  Why did Cathy respond to my post?  Cathy  looked  into it and found out that Maisey was one of their kids.  She asked me to let them know when we get her home so they can celebrate another forever family. I send them a picture and they send me the newsletter stating Maisey was the 1,000th baby helped. Someone just happened to remember she was in the November 2010 newsletter. Dan reads about the New Hope Foundation in China on line and he orders the book about the House of Hope and turns directly to page 216 and their is our little Maisey’s name.   These people, the Hills, take in the sickest kids and try to bring them to health.  Their vision is “To comfort always, to relieve often, and to save sometimes.”  A place after my own heart.  I will continue to pray for God’s leading, but I can tell this one is gonna be big.  I wonder what He is asking me to do.