• Jessica and William

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    Hello! Cassie again (tired of me yet?)

    Mom and Dad have Jessica, and she is precious. Her orphanage loved her, they really did. They sent her with money, her stroller, clothes, and a backpack full of toys. They also made Mom and Dad promise to bring Jessica to the orphanage so they could say goodbye. As you can tell by her face, she was hesitant at first…



    This is her timid face. Her disposition instantly turns to this sweet face as soon as she is unsure of the situation.




    She made daddy work for her attention; she really wasn’t sure what to do with him. Give him an hour, some chips, and a backpack full of pretty things, and his daddy powers won her over. 🙂


     wpid-img-20160222-wa0006.jpg         wpid-img-20160222-wa0003.jpg

    Little one is tiny!! Her orphanage called her “little one” instead of her Chinese name. This is her compared to my mom’s standard-sized backpack…


    and her little shoe next to a Coke can.



    Even Liam got in on the glamour and glitter. A little lip gloss goes a long way…


    As you can see, she loved Daddy’s bracelets!!!


    Liam and Jessica have bonded quickly. The Kindle has movies on it, and Big Hero 6 seems to be a favorite.


    Liam loves to draw; he was super excited to see Maisey drawing on one of our Skype calls.





    Daddy made a fort, and they’ve spend all their cuddle times in there.

    wpid-img-20160222-wa0016.jpg    wpid-img_20160222_061050.jpg



    Sweet babies… We can’t wait for you to get home and see just how loved you are…. 😀