• Jasmine’s Blog – Family and Orphanages are Different

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    Family and Orphanage are Different
    I think family and orphanage really are different, because family have warmness and have love. 
    Our family have 14 people. Sometimes we would be crazy, sometimes we could also be very loud. I had a lot of family members, but I don’t think it’s like an orphanage.   I think family is very blessed.
    In the Orphanage we couldn’t do that. We can only just sit there and couldn’t make any sounds. If we make any sounds, the nannies would scold us. When I was going to be adopted, the nannies said, “You are going to move to another orphanage.” because they said that mama and papa have a lot of kids, and is like an orphanage. However, I don’t think that ways! I think that family have loudness and happiness. However, orphanage doesn’t have loudness and happiness.  Sometimes I don’t understand why the nannies said that to me. Papa and mama love me so much, how this could be an orphanage?

    Jasmine wrote this blog post after she and I had a conversation about my Facebook post about people comparing large families to orphanages.  Jasmine started laughing at my comment and then shared what the nannies had said to her when they saw our family picture.   I asked Jasmine why it didn’t scare her to think that she was going from one orphanage to another orphanage.  Jasmine said it was because we all looked like we loved each other and were happy and that never happens in an orphanage.