• I have a favor to ask…

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    This Sunday my little Gracie turns 9.

    It’s been two and a half years since we had the scare of our lives

    from first going for a bone marrow biopsy to check for leukemia,

    to not knowing what was going on,

    to more labs and waiting and even more labs,

    to seeing the butterfly rash and her father knowing exactly what she had.



    We then had a kidney biopsy because the lupus had affected her kidneys.

    She ended up with class 4/5 glomerulonephritis.

    Gracie has been on many meds for these past couple years.


    She’s endured chemotherapy

    and they weren’t sure if she would lose her hair or not.

    She didn’t want her hair to just go to waste so she donated it.

    That’s the kind of heart my Gracie has.


    and from that my friend started a “Hats for Gracie” page on Facebook

    to lift my little girl’s spirits.

    It was the best thing for her during those hard times.

    She would run to the computer and check how many people were praying for her.

    We don’t update much any more

    but it used to bring Gracie such joy.

    Because of the joy it brought her, my favor is this….

    if you have a Facebook account and haven’t already done so

    won’t you please go to her page and like it.

    Hats for Gracie

    You have to click on the box that says “LIKE”

    It looks like this.


    Gracie’s heart is a beautiful thing.

    She has been through a lot in her short little life.

    In the past couple of years, she has lost a great grandma, her gramp gramps, a great aunt and her beloved Papa. And just two months ago she lost my mom, her step grandpa, and her great grandfather.

    That is a lot of loss for one little girl.

    The past couple months have been so hard on her.

    She misses her nana and she so wanted nana to be at Zach’s wedding.

    Gracie is an old soul and has a faith in God that is amazing!

    She wanted to adopt and is thrilled that she is no longer the baby and there are five more little ones below her.  How many children would do that?

    She is the one who willingly gives up her time during the day for Jasmine.

    Gracie is at Jasmine’s beck and call because Jasmine can do very little for herself

    and yet Gracie rarely complains.


    It’s Grace and Jasmine that are asking us to adopt more – six more if they have their way.

    They want to share their room with six more girls.

    They want to share their toys, their clothes, anything they own.

    They have offered their allowance to help with the cost of adopting.

    Please won’t you help me make her birthday extra special?

    I would love to get her over 700 and that is only 20 more “likes”

    She has always loved her Facebook page.

    Thank you so much for considering this

    and if you have already liked the Hats for Gracie page.

    THANK YOU for brightening my little girl’s life on a daily basis!