• Happy Tears

    Date: 2013.02.04 | Category: Adoption, Photos | Tags:

    It is so much harder adopting an older child.  There are so many more variables.   You know with a baby or a toddler that they won’t remember much or at least that is your hope.  Min was abandoned 2 weeks before her 8th birthday.  You know she will remember.  You know the language barrier is going to be so much more difficult.  With toddlers you know you will be able to show them your love very quickly.  Toddlers babble and use signs in every day life, but with a teenager it is so much harder.  You wonder if she will understand what coming to America means.  Will she be sad?  Does she understand what her life will be like if she doesn’t get adopted?  (In a rural community with no wheelchair accessibility life would be very hard for a 14 year old in a wheelchair.)  Is she excited?  Will our big family be too much for her?  Does she think about us?  Is she frightened?

    Today I got some answers to those questions.  We received an update on Min (Lauren on LWB’s site) and I cried happy tears.  They talked about how she is like a big sister to all the little ones in the orphanage.  They talked about how quiet, sweet, and well mannered she is.  But the very best part is they said she is excited about her family and can’t wait to meet her brothers and sisters.  They also let us know that she is learning English and can say Mom, Dad, sister and brother.   Here are the some of the pictures she has been drawing.  There is a picture of her older siblings, Zach and Hope.  There is a picture of her younger siblings, Ben and Maisey.  There’s a picture of her mom and dad and finally, a picture of our house.  It almost makes me want to paint our porch blue and purple for her.  🙂

    Today is a good, good day.  I’m feeling blessed and doubly excited.  Time can not pass quickly enough.  I can’t wait to show her just how much she means to us.  Mommy and daddy will be there soon sweetheart.