• Happy Birthday Boo!

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    There once was a little girl,

    that we all like to call Boo.

    (Well, we really named her Cassandra Lynne but Boo just sort of stuck.)


    She was the sweetest little girl and

    a mama’s dream come true.


    She has the biggest, most beautiful, blue eyes that you will ever see.


    They say that your eyes are the window to your soul.

    Well, if that is the case….

    boo 1

    this girl’s soul is beautiful…

    Boo 5

    the truth is she is as beautiful inside as she is outside….

    and her outside is pretty darn cute.

    Cassie 4-14 405

    She is the person we leave in charge when one of the other children have to be hospitalized.  We leave her with the littles and the middles because they love her so much.  She brings stability and comfort to her siblings.  She is love and routine and everything good.

    When we are traveling, people often ask us who is watching the other kids.  We tell them that our daughter, who is on summer vacation from college, is taking care of them.

    People would comment, “All of them?  She is able to care for all those kids at once?”

    Yes, she is able to. Amazing as that may sound.

    Grandma, Zachary, and Stephanie came to help support her and give her a break, but Cassie is able to handle it.  She is pretty amazing.  She steps up to the challenge because she loves her siblings and wants what is best for them.

    During the school year, she drives 45 minutes to school every morning and night so she can still be part of their lives.

    She even knows how to drive the bus.

    She’s not the usual 21 year old. (22 today!)  She is mature but still child-like at heart, which is why she will make a great elementary teacher.

    Children love her….especially our children.

    She makes life and learning fun.

    Boo 6

    She does crafts to take their minds off the hard things that are going on.

    Boo 7

    She has written about how much her siblings mean to her on her very own blog – Thankful for the Crazy!  (Blog)

    boo 10

    I know how very blessed I am to have her in my life.

    She was my first little girl and holds a very special place in my heart.

    boo & mom

    She is a wonderful daughter and a very special friend.

    And I am one blessed mama to get to say she’s mine.

    Love you Boo!  Happy Birthday!