• Good News – Bad News

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    Good news – For those of you who have Facebook you can now follow along on the group Seriously Blessed by Adoption.

    Bad news – If you don’t have Facebook, you are out of luck and have to wait for my posts which don’t include nearly as many cute pictures.

    evie 11

    Good news – I have actually had time to blog a couple of times in the past couple of days, including a Mother’s Day post.

    Bad news – I was in Boston and I missed my babies and my mama on Mother’s Day.

    Good news – Evie had a heart cath on Friday and the news was very encouraging.  Both of her pulmonary arteries grew.  The growth of her arteries was so good the surgeons have opted to skip the second surgery, the bidirectional Glenn, and go straight to the Fontan.

    Bad news – Evie was hospitalized the day before her cath for hydration and the night after her cath for a 12 hour heparin drip.  We weren’t expecting these stays at all and she wasn’t very happy about them.  (Except for the car rides.)

    Evie 7

    Good news – We got to meet a very nice mother sharing our room, who had a very sweet baby named Molly.

    Bad news – Not really bad news, but I just thought Molly’s mama could use some prayers.  She has a three year old and five month old triplets.  All of you mamas who just gasped, please say an extra prayer for Molly and her mama.  She had a hard Mother’s Day being away from her other little ones.

    Evie 10

    Bad news – Evie’s surgery was postponed today due to her getting a cold sometime between the heart cath on Friday and Sunday afternoon.  She never really got a fever but she has a runny nose and a wet sounding cough.

    Good news – Evie’s surgery can be rescheduled in 4-6 weeks, which means I can go with Eli for his surgery on the 28th.  It also allows us to get our fingerprints done for immigration.

    Evie 9

    Good news – We got our biometrics appointment letter very quickly.

    Bad news – It’s not scheduled until the last of the month which is way to late.  Please say an extra prayer for us as we try to all walk in for fingerprinting at the immigration office.  Sometimes they allow it, sometimes not.  Hopefully, they will take pity on us.

    Evie 8

    Bad news – We have to have all of our dossier paperwork ready to go by the end of the month.

    Good news – We have many agencies who are working very hard and trying to get this done.

    Bad news – Codey’s fingerprints have been rejected twice and we have to start all over again at square one.

    Good news – Apparently having a pretty, young, female police officer tell him that he is going to be friends with her and do his fingerprints right, actually works.  He even put his own thumbs on the papers.  Who knew?

    Bad news – Waiting six weeks puts us into July, add a couple weeks recovery, and it brings us exceedingly close to when we would have to travel for Kelly and Elyse.

    Good news – Evie seems to be extraordinarily pleased that she is not having surgery today and even told her daddy, “I’m so happy daddy.”  We’ve never heard her say that before.  Plus, she has continued to dance around the hotel room since we got back here.  🙂

    Evie 12

    Bad news – We waited in the waiting room for 5 1/2 hours today waiting for someone to confirm what Dan had already told the resident the night before – there was no way Evie could have surgery with her wet cough.  We waited just long enough to miss every flight leaving for the night or the flights were already full.

    Good news – I get to see my babies tomorrow.

    Bad news – I can’t get Elyse’s video to upload into my blog.

    Good news – As soon as I do, I am going to share my little girl’s story.

    Thanks for all your prayers for little Evie.  I know that God’s timing is perfect.  Maybe if we had had surgery we wouldn’t have been able to get the fingerprinting done and we wouldn’t be able to adopt Kelly.   I don’t know why Evie got this cold.  It’s really not horrible, no fever, she looks good.  It was just enough to cancel surgery so there must be a reason.   We shall continue to praise God for all He has done to heal our little girl.  Her heart cath on Friday was unbelievably encouraging.  The words the doctors used was “phenomenal”.  Considering we were told at the beginning they couldn’t even see her pulmonary arteries and weren’t sure she had any, this is beyond amazing.

    God continues to have us walk this road of trust, patience, and faith. Somedays, I admit, I do better than others.  I’m truly not upset about the cancellation just wondering about the logistics of it all, but our God knows what the future holds.   Worry will not change a thing so I will trust this was right, look forward to one more good night of sleep, and hurry on home to my babies.

    Matthew 6:27 – Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?