• Fun Friday Photos

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    I thought I’d take today to show our two children that we have been matched with.  Lainey will be 2 in December and Faith will turn 2 in March of next year.  🙂

    Here is Lainey Rae named after her paternal grandfather and great grandfather. She will be 2 in December.

    Here is Lainey Rae named after her paternal grandfather (Terry Lane) and great grandfather (Ray).

    Daddy's favorite picture of her.



    Here is Faith Evangaline. We just had to have a Faith to go along with our Hope and Grace.

    We are waiting to hear about whether or not they will allow us to adopt Lauren who is 13.  They usually don’t allow 3 at one time but with Lauren aging out in June of next year, we hope they will give us the okay.  You can read more about Lauren on the Love Without Boundaries site.  http://www.lwbcommunity.org/laurens-last-chance-for-a-family   As always, if you are so inclined, please keep her in your prayers along with Love Without Boundaries, just take a look at all of those sweet faces on their site.  I don’t know how your heart could not be touched. They are so sweet.  LWB is doing marvelous things with orphans – surgeries, school, nutrition programs, etc.  It is a wonderful group!  We hope to hear about Lauren’s approval in the next couple of weeks.  We are all so excited.  I wish I would have thought to tape my children’s shouts of glee when they heard we received our approval for Lainey.  I love that they are as excited as we are to be adopting these little ones.  It is truly a wonderful blessing. Because we all know none of this would work if everyone wasn’t on board.

    Also, on a funnier note.  Cassie was discussing being part of our family in her special education class at ISU.  They were discussing who gets to decide what is normal. She had an interesting perspective in saying that in our family Zach and her are the abnormal ones because they are the healthy.  No one treats anyone any different because of their health issues.   I love that being in our house means you just get be a kid.   I always consider that one of the best compliments when people come in to our house and say you’d never know the kids have health issues because everyone is treated just like a regular kid. That is how it should be. You should be able to grow up feeling loved and happy.  That is my goal with all my children.  First and foremost, a strong foundation in Christ, which is essential to get through any tough times, and second, to know without a doubt they are loved and wanted.  You can accomplish anything with the love of God and family.

    Thanks again for all the prayers.  Our whole family appreciates them and know how much they truly matter.