• Fifteen….Inconceivable!

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    I can remember when I first learned of her as if it was yesterday.


    She was a beautiful baby with a round little face.


    She stole my heart from the very first moment.

    She was truly a gift.

    She has grown into quite the beauty.

    mei 8

    She loves video games….

    and making movies….

    and special effects makeup….

    March 3, 2014 I-phone 056

    and watching FaceOff.

    She got to be an extra in a zombie movie.


    She has a very best friend who just happens to be a boy.

    They have been best friends for five years now.

    She ate her very first turkey leg this year.

    hope 2

    Dyed her hair red to be Merida for Halloween.


    She definitely has her own style.


    She loves photography and takes the very best pictures of the littles.

    Hope 2

    Her favorite movies are Princess Bride, How to Train Your Dragon, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, The Mummy, and Frozen.

    Her favorite type of music is pop.

    Her favorite songs include too many by Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne.

    She loves to draw and is writing a book called “Alice in Horrorland”.

    hope 3

    She knows what she likes and sticks to her guns.

    She isn’t easily swayed and has strong opinions on what is right and wrong.

    She likes being homeschooled and chose not to get her driver’s permit because she didn’t feel responsible enough yet.

    She isn’t fond of math, but likes writing and art.

    She is growing into quite the young woman and I am blessed to be her mom.