• Evie Faith Turns 6

    Date: 2017.03.25 | Category: Evangeline Faith | Tags:

    Take 2 –  I aplogize to everyone who subscribes to our blog.  I didn’t mean to publish it yesterday, especially since it was only half way done.  Here is the finished blog…


    Someone is turning 6 today.

    Someone that is spunky!

    And full of sass – the very best kind of sass.

    Someone that brings joy and laughter to our house.

    She is best friends with Eli…

    and Maisey.

    The middle girls and the little girls all get along so well.

    She loves to play Power Rangers with the littles.

    She loves dolls…

    and dress-up…

    and playing outside.

    This year she dressed up like a cow for Chickfila Cow Day and a superhero and a pirate at Krispy Kreme.

    AND took a quick trip to Disney to meet her favorite princess..

    Evie is thoughtful…

    and caring…

    and just plain amazing!

    Whenever I think about the fact that we almost didn’t get there in time, my heart just hurts.

    Even as sick as she was she had the spunkiest personality.

    She is full of joy and determination and grace.

    She has lost 3 teeth this year

    and more are loose.

    She is ready for kindergarten now.  She knows her colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and letter sounds which I think is amazing considering she was much like a 9 month old when she came home at 26 months.  She weighed almost 13 pounds and couldn’t even sit by herself.  Almost 4 years later and you can’t even tell.  How amazing is that?  She is a walking, talking, breathing miracle.

    Every day with Evie is a gift.

    Happy birthday sunshine!  Mama and daddy were blessed beyond measure to call you our daughter.

    I can’t wait to see what this year brings for our Evie Faith!