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    Date: 2014.02.22 | Category: Thoughts to ponder | Tags:

    I have been hit hard with the realities of the world lately.  I just read a book entitled “Silent Tears” by Kay Bratt that is a journal of her four years volunteering in a Chinese orphanage.  My heart aches for these children.  My heart aches for my children.  I have seen the effects of a sterile environment.  Children need nurturing.  Children need love and interaction.  Now not all orphanages are void of affection, but many are.  Many are just overwhelmed by the number of children in their care.  They do the best they can with what they have, but the truth is many children are just left in cribs.  Many children spend their days staring at the walls.  No toys, no interaction except getting changed and given their food.  Children need more than that.  I think we can all agree with that.

    I have shared information on my Facebook about these things and rarely do people comment.  I have often wondered what brings people to share information or “like” items.   You can share a silly picture and get 75 likes.  I believe that is because this makes people happy.  They love to celebrate the accomplishments of my little people.  They like to laugh along and see how far they have come.  But share a blog or a picture of a child from Love Without Boundaries who is hurting and very few people comment.  I know that doesn’t mean it wasn’t seen or that people weren’t moved or that the child wasn’t prayed for.  It just sometimes surprises me that very few comment.  I guess I want to know that others care.  I know many people joke that they would like a “dislike” button, but I would like a “prayed for” or an “I care” button.

    The truth is its easy to share silly videos and help them go viral but we avoid the uncomfortable.   We avoid the talks of children dying in orphanages.  We avoid the talk of children hurting, children starving, homeless families, communities without clean drinking water, widows who are in need, children dying from preventable diseases.  We pretend that this isn’t happening.  It makes us uncomfortable.  What can we possibly do about it?  It’s easier to just scroll on past and pretend it isn’t happening.

    I was once that person. I saw the pictures.  I saw the need, but it seemed so far removed that I really didn’t pay attention.  The more I learn about children in orphanages the more my heart hurts.  I don’t want to have my heart hurt.  I’d like to avoid that.  I’d like to just think about happy things.  But the reality is God commands us to care for the orphan.  You may not be called to adopt but that does NOT let you off the hook.  You are called to care.

    Every day I see posts about children aging out of the Chinese orphanage system.  Fourteen years of age and no longer able to be adopted.  To never have family to call their own.  To be put on the street, or given a job in the orphanage, or worse yet to get a “better offer” which leads to human trafficking or marrying an older man at the tender age of 14 or 15.  These are the realities for these children.

    I look at my little girl who is profoundly hard of hearing.  I think about what her life would have been like if she had never been adopted.  She is a pretty girl.  She would have led a life of begging or worse.  Do you know what that does to my heart?  Yes, we saved little Maisey’s life, but there are so many more out there just like her that won’t be saved.  My.Heart.Hurts!!!!!   I can’t just sit here and pretend this isn’t happening.

    All day long, I have heard story after story talking about the Russian billionaire who is saving the dogs in Sochi.  People praising this guy for saving these dogs.  The news has been filled with this feel good story.   I’m not against saving the dogs in Sochi, but if you are going to talk about the dogs, let’s also talk about the children in Russia that are hidden away from the public.  Let’s talk about this same Russia that shut it’s door to international adoption.  The Russia that has 300 children who have met their American parents, the same parents who aren’t allowed to go get their children. (Free the 300 )  I recently read a blog where they shared the pictures of photographer Kate Brooks.  Take a look at these pictures and see if these children don’t deserve the same press coverage that the dogs are getting.  (Warning: These pictures are heartbreaking!)

    Russian Orphans

    A few days ago the same information was covered on a blog that I read.  ( Tiny Green Elephants )   So many people shared her information that they shut down the server.  I know people care.  I know people want to do something. I just believe they don’t know where to start.  So if her post touched your heart and if hearing all these stories makes you want to do something, then do it!

    Let’s stop avoiding the hard.  Don’t wait for another day when you have more.  You are blessed!  Unbelievably blessed. Let’s, each of us, give up a couple of coffees and dig a well.  Let’s fund a surgery.  Let’s save a soul. Let’s help someone adopt. Let’s sponsor a child.  Let’s make a difference.  I don’t care which group you pick.  There are so many good ones.  I’ve listed the ones that we’ve had the privilege of working with on the right side of my blog.   Just do something.  Make a difference.  Don’t believe because God hasn’t called you to be the next Katie Davis (Amazima ) or Andrea (Do Something) or Dr. Joyce Hill ( New Hope) that what you do doesn’t matter.  It does.

    I’ve said it over and over in my blogs before.  If you can, adopt.  If you can’t adopt, foster.  If you can’t foster, donate.  If you can’t donate, volunteer, educate, pray.  We can all do something.  What has He called you to do?  Come on.  Join me!  Let’s do something.

    I said, “God, why don’t You do something?”  He said, “I did, I created you!”  – lyrics from Do Something by Matthew West