• Could I Get Any Further Behind?

    Date: 2016.07.14 | Category: Family Life | Tags:

    Dan asked me the other day, “How long has it been since you’ve posted a blog?”  He went on to tell me I should add more to two of my longer Facebook posts and share more of what’s been on my heart.  I often post on Facebook because it’s easy to pick up my phone and add a picture and a small comment.  It’s a great way to remember the cute things the children have done throughout the day.  I don’t have to have a lot of time to collect my thoughts or get pictures together, but I still try to continue writing my blog because it’s the journal of our lives.

    I use the blog mainly to remember all that God has done in our lives.  I don’t ever want to forget little blue fingers turning pink or stories of little hearts healing.  Dan and I have been allowed to be a part of some really wonderful stories of hope and healing.  It’s a true blessing, one we don’t take lightly.  But somedays it’s easy to forget all that God has done and to get caught up in the small annoyances of the days.   My words in this blog are a reminder of God’s faithfulness.  My words are there for my kids to read about as they get older.  I want to tell it to my children so they can tell it to theirs.  God’s faithfulness abounds.

    Dan’s words got me to thinking so I decided to take a look at my drafts.   Codey had his wisdom teeth taken out today so it was the perfect time to sit in the quiet and make a list of all the blogs I’ve started writing and haven’t finished yet.

    Here’s my list:

    Max & Elyse Welcome Home!

    Lainey turns 5

    Eli turns 4

    Home from China

    Evie turns 5

    Because Mama Loves Jesus

    Gracie turns 11

    Maisey turns 6

    Hopey turns 17

    Max turns 7

    Liam turns 6

    Cassie is all Grown Up (Man I love that girl!)

    First Year Anniversary – where did the time go?

    Jasmine turns 17

    We are Going to Be Grandparents!

    Top 10 Things That Changed My Life

    Stories told Round the Kitchen Table

    No My Children aren’t Raising Each Other

    Hmmmm….I don’t believe I am doing so well on the “recording their year on their birthday” plan.    It’s not like my life is busy or anything.  After all based on what I’ve been told lately, my older children are raising my younger children so that must mean mama has lots of free time.

    If you’d like to catch up with what our family has been doing, you could check out Cassie’s blog, Thankful For The Crazy  or Jasmine’s blog, Flower That Blooms.

    Cassie has a great blog called “Just in Case” that tells how all of us where feeling before Benjamin’s surgery.   She also is chronicling our summer fun much better than I am.  🙂

    Jasmine’s last blog post talks about her dream.  We are trying to decide where to take Jasmine’s Dream next.  The girls recently reached the 200 children helped mark.  Jasmine’s initial goal is to help 1,000 children.

    Jasmine's Dream

    They have dreams of t-shirt sales and items they can sell in an Etsy shop.  The FAB Four are going to change the world.  They have big plans to advocate and help as many children as they can.  They have great big wonderful compassionate hearts.  It’s fun to watch their little minds work on what they can do.  It would be a wonderful day if Jasmine’s Dream came true – A family for every child.

    I’ll leave you with a couple cute pictures for those of you not on Facebook group, Seriously Blessed By Adoption.

    We celebrated Father’s Day.

    Father's Day 2016

    They loved the fireworks display.

    Fireworks 2016

    And National Cow Day at Chickfila

    Cow Day 2016

    We even dressed up as super heroes and headed to Krispy Kreme for Super Hero Day.

    Super Hero Day 2016

    The kids love dressing up. They wear costumes all the time at home and any excuse to get to wear a costume out in public is “super cool” according to Eli.  It does make for some really fun memories.

    Praying your summer is going well and that many happy memories are being made.  Hold those kiddos tight and give them an extra hug or two.  Take the time to blow some bubbles or lay on a blanket and watch the clouds go by.  I don’t know about you, but I feel like summer is going by much too quickly.

    God bless all of you who have uttered prayers on our behalf.   Thank you for standing by even when mama doesn’t get much writing done.

    Happy Summer!