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    These towns are such a contrast in the haves and have nots.  China is known for not really having a middle class.  You are either rich or poor.  These pictures show that contrast.

    China 2013 032

    A fancy restaurant.

    China 2013 116

    And the back of the boat where the kitchens are.

    China 2013 035

    Look at the boats in the bay and the big city behind it.

    China 2013 056

    Fishing boats.  (Had to use this one because of the name.)

    China 2013 064

    And then these boats…..docked right next to the ones below.

    China 2013 096

    Our view from our 22nd floor of our hotel room.

    China 2013 137

    And then you look down….

    China 2013 130








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