• Cassandra Lynne

    Date: 2012.05.29 | Category: Cassie | Tags:

    A post for the most beautiful baby ever….

    Who just happened to turn into one of the prettiest girls I know.  If that was all I could say about you, I’d be disappointed.  But you are a wonderful, kind, funny, compassionate, tenderhearted and sweet young lady.  You have chosen to be the guardian of your siblings should anything happen to your dad and I.  Anyone who knows our family knows that is no small undertaking.  You aren’t concerned with many of the things other 20 year olds are.  You have a firm foundation in God and His doctrines.  You know what is really important and I love that about you.   You are able to laugh at the simplest of things and you don’t take things for granted.  You are truly a remarkable young lady and I am so blessed to be your mama.

    Happy Birthday Boo!