• Benjamin

    Date: 2013.01.22 | Category: Benjamin, Photos | Tags:

    Benjamin’s surgery has been scheduled for February 13th.  I’m frightened but excited at the same time.   The choices of trying to make his quality of life better or leaving things as they are and enjoying every single moment that you have with him, are not easy choices to make. Praying for God’s wisdom. I’m glad that Dan is able to understand and help make the best possible choices with the information we have. It is a blessing.

    I’ve been here before with Hope.  I know what to expect.  It’s a scary time.  I also know that God has plans for Ben and that God has always known the number of Ben’s days.  I want to let my little boy’s hands be pink.  There is a chance his sats will go from the high 60’s to mid 90’s.  That would be amazing. I want him to feel better.  But it is always hard to hand your child to another person and wonder if you will be able to hold them again.  Praying that God is not finished with my little boy.  Praying that God will heal little Benjamin in any way that He can.  Please keep Ben in your prayers during the next month.  He needs to stay healthy and there is a lot of illness going around right now.  We will keep you updated on whether or not he is allowed to have surgery, what the doctors say and how he does.   Thank you for keeping Ben in your prayers.  He is a sweet, sweet little boy.

    I just have to share this story, which shows his sweetness.  The other day Maisey climbed on a table and was trying to get some stuff off of a shelf.  (Turn your back on her for a second and she is into something.)  When I was telling Maisey not to do that,  trying to wipe off her hands because she found some markers and colored her hands, Benjamin was stroking her hair and saying, “Maisey, don’t do that.  You can get hurt.  Ok?  Don’t do that. I love you.”   He didn’t yell.  He just sat there, looking sweetly into her eyes, stroking her hair, and asking her to not do that because he didn’t want her to get hurt.  He is a sweet, sweet soul.  I love this little boy and no matter the outcome, I will praise God who let me share in his sweet life.  I am beyond blessed to get to have had even one day as his mommy, but I’m praying that I will have many, many more years to hear him call me mom.