• A Public Proclamation!

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    hear ye hear ye

    Today being the day of birth of our very dear Mema!  We wish to proclaim our love for her, for all to see, on this page.

    I am one of the lucky ones, the blessed ones, the ones who get to call their mother-in-law their friend.  Linda, her sister Kay, and my mom were friends.  They became friends after Dan and I married.  We did craft sales together and enjoyed our weekends together being silly.  They would all get in the car and come down to shop with us.  Red Lobster was a favorite birthday hangout.  Cassie was almost ten before she realized not everyone’s mom and mother-in-law were friends.

    EPSON MFP image

    Every year we attended the Women of Faith conferences together.  It was a wonderful weekend full of laughter and love.  We grew in our faith and our friendship.

    EPSON MFP image

    EPSON MFP image

    women of faith

    Linda is sweet and compassionate and everything you want a grandmother, mother, and friend to be.  She is there for my children and is always ready to take a phone call from them.  These days that mainly consists of lots of hellos and love yous and a whole lot of words you just can’t understand from the littles.

    In the past few years, Linda has cared for and buried her mother, her husband, her sister and her father.  She even took my mom in after mom had her heart attack and couldn’t climb the stairs in her own home.  Linda does this, not to get attention from anyone else, but because it is the right thing to do.  She quietly goes about her business of caring for others.

    Instead of sitting home and feeling sorry for herself after all those loses, she joined a church, became a part of that church’s group for outreach.  She started a Bible study in her own home and invited the neighbor ladies.   She now has a group of ladies that meet every Thursday to learn more about God and to support each other with friendship.  She is proof that just because you are getting older doesn’t mean your life is over.  If you are still alive, then God has a plan for you.

    She has been a big supporter of our adoptions.  She has readily embraced every child we have adopted.  Once she admitted to me that she had wanted to care for orphans and now, through Dan and I, she gets too.  She traveled with us to China on our last trip.  We needed one adult for each child and she became Evie’s traveling buddy.


    Happy birthday Mema!  May God continue to bless you as you follow His lead.  We love you and are so blessed you are in our lives. – Dan & Lisa

    And now I’ll let the kids tell you how they feel about their Mema…..

    mema & papa

    Codey isn’t able to tell you so I will just let you know that Codey ADORES his mema.  She can always make him smile.  She sings his favorite songs and feeds him his favorite treats.

    mema & kids 1

    Happy birthday Mema!  I’m so thankful to have you in my life.  We’ve had so many different adventures while I was growing up, and I will always treasure them.  I’m looking forward to seeing you continue some of those adventures with my own kids someday.  I love you!  Zachary

    mema & Boo

    I have so many great memories with Mema!  From the time I as little she would buy me a rose bush for my birthday.  That took a lot of patience because I always managed to kill it, until my 14th birthday.  🙂  When I was younger, we would have sleepovers that always involved crocheting and movies and eating Dots. (she doesn’t like the green ones, but I do!  We’re a good team.) She has always been there for me; from recitals to birthdays to pageants to Tae Kwon Do testing.  She is always there to cheer me on!  I love you Mema!  Love, Cassie

    And this is what the middles have to say….


    mema 3

    mema 4

    And you know the littles adore you.  They send kisses and hugs on your happy, happy day!

    Mema & kids

    We are all very blessed to have you in our lives.  Praying your day and your year are blessed.

    Happy birthday Mema!