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    Date: 2014.02.08 | Category: Adoption | Tags:

    I am privileged to be able to be part of a wonderful group of families that are sharing their adoption stories of Chinese children with heart defects this month.  If you want to have your heart touched, have your faith restored, see wonderful stories of trusting God, and beautiful children, then this is the blog for you.

    If you are considering adopting a child, please read these stories and see how these families lives were blessed.  I know many of their stories and am honored to be part of this blog.  Jamie did a great job putting it together last year (Yes, there are 28 more stories from last year.) and this years is off to an even better start.  There are at least two stories of post heart transplant.  There are stories of faith in uncertain circumstances.  There are many, many stories talking about how blessed the families are to have these children in their lives.

    Pull up a chair, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and prepare to have your heart touched.  I know mine was during last years and the first 7 days of this year’s blog.  Today is my day to share with everyone.  I thought I’d share it on my blog too.

    May your faith be renewed.  May you find purpose in your calling.  May you strive to share God’s glory with all those around you no matter what that calling may be.  Make 2014 your year to shine for Christ!

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